Condominiums in Magdeburg

Condominiums in the up-and-coming Magdeburg – Interesting for owners and capital investors

Magdeburg is the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt. Its central and convenient location within Germany and excellent infrastructure are its major assets. The highway, adjacent rail lines and the nearby inland port make the city a lucrative logistics location. More and more companies are recognizing Magdeburg as an attractive business and science location with a high quality of life. The traditionally most important economic sector, mechanical and plant engineering, is now being joined by new industries such as environmental technologies, the health industry, the processing of renewable raw materials and logistics.

A new residential project is being built not far from the city center – Property Garden!

Planned until 2023, a residential building with 64 apartments between 25 – 84 m² and a commercial unit will be built. Most of the apartments will have balconies or, on the ground floor and top floor, paved terraces. With modern clarity, the architecture of the new residential building is convincing. Generous windows, balconies with steel bar railings and geometrically designed oriels refine the orderly aesthetics of the building front.

The balanced appearance is also continued on the courtyard side. Here, a long side wing connects the front building with the rear area. The front and rear buildings each have a handicapped-accessible passenger elevator next to the staircase. They lead up to the staggered floor, where all eight units offer barrier-free living space.

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