FAQ from people who want to buy a property:

» What are the differences between estate agents in England and Germany?

One of the first things you will notice as an international client, especially if you are from the UK, is that estate agencies in Germany operate in their own distinctive way.

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» How easy is it to buy a tenanted apartment and claim it for self-usage?

Many of our international clients who are looking for property in Berlin underestimate the process of buying a tenanted property and claiming it for self-usage.

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» What are the advantages or risks of buying a property off-plan in Berlin?

Buying an apartment ‘off plan’ means signing a contract to purchase an apartment that is yet to be built or completed.

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» What are the main reasons to buy rather than rent a property in Berlin?

Based on your monthly rent, we will determine whether the purchase of an apartment or of a house is the right decision for you. We will also take into consideration your individual wishes for your dream property, the amount of your available equity and the current interest rate on loans.

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» What length of time can you fix mortgage interest rates for in Berlin?

At Black Label you can secure loans at current interest rates with fair conditions. We compile various offers for your plans that are detailed and understandable to everyone. This allows you to easily compare the current mortgage rates of various banks.

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» What kind of mortgage financing is available in Berlin?

Our experts specialize in mortgage lending in Berlin and can advise and assist you in financing your dream property.

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» What level of deposit will I need when buying a property in Berlin?

How much money will you have to invest yourself in terms of a deposit and how much mortgage finance could you expect to get? Our experts can advise and assist you in financing your dream property.

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» What does the property buying process look like in Berlin?

Buying a property in Berlin is simple, straightforward and can be a relatively quick process in comparison to elsewhere. To begin the purchasing process, the buyer will pay a 1% holding deposit which gives them 4 weeks in which they have the exclusive right to complete the sale.

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