From the Eastside Gallery to the Oberbaumbrücke, from the Mercedes-Benz Arena to the Berghain. Whether culture, idyll or party life - Friedrichshain is not so popular for nothing and is one of the most sought-after places to live in the east of Berlin.

Frederick the Great as the patron saint

On the 100th anniversary of the throne of Frederick the Great or Old Fritz in 1840, it was decided to create a recreational park - the later Volkspark Friedrichshain. This park still exists today and eventually gave its name to the district. At that time, industrialization also began in Friedrichshain with the construction of what is now Ostbahnhof. Among other things, breweries, meat and machine factories were built and turned Friedrichshain into a working-class neighborhood - the often rough social tone still stands for the typical Friedrichshainer today. There was a further upswing after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71, and the buildings from the Wilhelminian period still characterize the streetscape today.
Like all of Berlin, Friedrichshain, at that time Horst-Wessel-Stadt, was considerably destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II. As far as the old buildings are concerned, however, the district got off lightly compared to Kreuzberg, for example. Especially in the eastern part, many of the time-honored properties have been preserved or could be saved. In the western areas, on the other hand, mainly new or prefabricated buildings were constructed during the German division.
This dualism is what gives Friedrichshain its special charm today. Since the 2000s, the district has attracted mainly artists and students. Numerous cafés and bars sprang up and turned Friedrichshain into a trendy district. At some point, this also led to rising real estate prices, and demand continues unabated.

Selling now?

Markgrafendamm is one of the most sought-after corners, but many other neighborhoods in Friedrichshain are also in demand. Anyone who owns an apartment in an old building there and wants to sell it will be hard pressed to find a buyer. Because even though Friedrichshain is a fantastic place to live, there are many good reasons to sell. Energy costs are rising, while rents tend to stagnate. And the costs for possible renovations know only one direction at the moment: up. For people who want or need to sell, the time is right.

Berlin Friedrichshain - Blick von der Elsenbrücke
Berlin Friedrichshain - Elsenbrücke
Berlin Friedrichshain - Oberbaumbrücke
Berlin Friedrichshain - Oberbaumbrücke
Berlin Friedrichshain - Wühlichstraße
Berlin Friedrichshain - Wühlichstraße
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