Berlin Luxury Unique Homes- What’s on the Market?

For this third and final post in a short series exploring luxury real estate in Berlin, I have listed a few of the most exclusive and unique homes currently on the real estate market in Berlin. Each of these properties have their own history and special story to tell and this is reflected by their individual and carefully restored features.

For more detailed information about the following properties, please follow the links alongside each property which will lead you directly to their individual page on the Black Label website.

Luxury loft

Luxury Loft in Charlottenburg

From a functional building to an industrial monument, from a water reservoir to a luxurious loft. This 135 year old water tower doubles as an all-round cosy home, creative workspace, and innovative meeting area. Underneath the dome-shaped roof of this industrial landmark, the 200 square meters of open space creates a bright, modern atmosphere. The property boasts up to 5m of ceiling height and its round geometry enables a stunning, all-round view of the city. With a fully-equipped designer kitchen, two separate bathrooms and bedrooms, air conditioning / electronic shading and even a double garage with an automatic door, this restored building is really something quite special.

Luxury home

Luxury Villa in Woltersdorf (Berlin-Brandenburg)

Built in 1895, Villa Sommerfeld is a beautifully designed home characterised by its red brick façade and historical interior architecture. The building has been refurbished to restore its historical features, and extensively renovated to suit a modern lifestyle. The spacious home covers four storeys and also has two additional separate apartments on the 2,359sqm plot of land. The villa has both a large north and south facing terrace, a west facing balcony, and an attractively landscaped garden with a fountain and pavillion. This resplendent villa lies at the edge of Berlin in the village-like community of Woltersdorf and backs onto extensive, lush forest. Surrounded by lakes and heavily wooded, this former industrialists’ villa is the perfect retreat from the bustle of Germany’s capital.


Luxury Altbau in Mitte

Built in 1814 and renovated in 1874, this classically styled Altbau formerly served as the residence of the extended family and contemporaries of the Prussian royal family. The building’s main interior staircase is still preserved to its full glory, as is the visible outdoor staircase. This grand home was only divided into apartments after the construction of the Hochbahn (today it is the S-Bahn) train. The generously sized livings rooms (40sqm) are superbly designed and have even attracted various TV and film directors to include this space in their work. This beautiful Altbau is exclusive not only due its timeless classical design, but because of its unique and everlasting history that is evident as soon as you enter the apartment. The high quality and delicate restoration is also clear to any onlooker. The split air-conditioning system has been skillfully integrated, ensuring that the entire apartment remains comfortably cool during the hot Berlin summers. An elevator was also installed during the restoration.