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Berlin Rent Freeze

Expert Commentary from Black Label Properties

Please find below a short statement from Achim Amann, co-founder and CEO of Black Label Properties, regarding the proposed five-year rent freeze in Berlin.

  • The rent cover discriminates against people who are looking for an apartment but do not yet have one
  • In addition, there is already a rent brake, which means that rents above the rent index for existing old contracts in existing apartments cannot be increased anyway. In particular, tenants whose rents are below the rent index are protected
  • The rent index is far away from the actual market rents, see our current Rental Map:

What does this mean for buyers of real estate in Berlin?

  • Now more attention should be paid to buying new apartments or vacant renovated old apartments
  • Owners or investors who own a rented apartment in Berlin, who fall under the rent cap or want to buy a “capped” apartment, need to seek legal advice
  • As far as we know, the rent cap is illegal, since the German Civil Code (BGB) already provides for the rent brake, but the rent brake can only be closed by the federal government. This means that the rent cap requested by the Berlin Senate will not stand up in court for five years

Achim Amann, Black Label Properties, says:

“It is a great pity that tenants and owners are again being incited against each other. It particularly hits small landlords who let private dwellings. Nobody talks about these people. People looking for apartments in Berlin will find even fewer rental apartments on the free housing market that are subject to the rent index or rent cap. In addition, the Berlin Senate promises existing tenants something that cannot be kept.

Many investors from abroad and from Germany will now have less interest in buying rented apartments and apartment buildings in Berlin. Many investors will no longer want to invest in the Berlin housing market. Investors should now increasingly look around the Berlin fat belt and Brandenburg.”

Also, please read the current market evaluations of our Finance Analyst Evgeny Vetokhin:

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