Black Label Properties- now a proud member of the IVD

BLI-Mitglied beim IVD

Black Label Properties- now a proud member of the IVD

The IVD- ‘Immobilienverband’ (‘Real Estate Association’)- for Berlin-Brandenburg is made up of over 600 member companies.

This professional association of qualified real estate service providers, brokers, administrators and experts from within the regions of Berlin and Brandenburg is the largest representative of the real estate industry in the metropolitan region. Black Label Properties are proud to be the latest real estate company to join this renowned association.

Company director Achim Amann recently expressed his excitement about the membership and the benefits he hopes it will bring to both Black Label clients and employees. “The IVD is an important quality seal for our clients.” Service providers within the real estate industry working with the IVD logo are able to stand out from their competitors. The IVD logo is understood by many as a guarantee for quality and professionalism. Partners and clients both old and new will be able to see that we stand for having these important values.

“IVD members regularly meet to share their personal experiences among themselves which will prove really useful for our business.”

As well as obtaining the reputable logo to demonstrate Black Label’s high standards, being a member of the IVD will allow employees to work more closely with other real estate agencies in order to learn and ultimately give all clients the best service possible. Black Label employees will undergo constant training and as an IVD member will receive expert advice which they will be able to act upon in order to continually improve and keep as up-to-date as possible with the real estate market.

At Black label we seek to give each and every one of our clients the best service possible and in order to maintain our high standards and remain on top of our game, the team at Black Label seek to continually educate ourselves and being a member of the IVD will allow us to achieve that with ease.