BLP supports artists from all over the world in berlin

Photo: Director Constanze Kleiner with lender Ante Glibota at the vernissage.
Photo: Director Constanze Kleiner with lender Ante Glibota at the vernissage.

BLP supports artists from all over the world in berlin

Primary sponsor of the gallery Schlachthaus. fresh & fine art.

London, 6th May 2018 – In collaboration with → Lenzwerk Holding, Black Label Properties is now the primary sponsor of the Schlachthaus. fresh & fine art gallery. Lenzwerk Holding has wholly renovated the 60 square metres of exhibition space in the historic shopping area between Berlin Zoo and the Hotel Interconti and installed a modernly designed new staircase and WCs, a kitchen wing and storage areas. Black Label Properties sponsors the monthly gallery rental and also grants artist residencies to up to six artists from all over the world each year, enabling them to produce exhibition-related works on location in Berlin.

The new partnership with Lenzwerk Holding emphasizes Black Label’s commitment to working with international artists and fits the company’s philosophy. The global real estate company is made up of many different nationalities – the company name ‘Black Label’ stands for tolerance, equal opportunities and an open society.

“That’s why sponsorship for various international artists appealed to us so much. Likewise, many different people who live and work in Berlin are ‘Black Labels’ together. Many of our employees do not come from Germany, but from England, Russia, China, Poland, America, Greece, Cameroon or the USA. We give young people the chance to develop themselves in Berlin and build a free and
independent life, for example as we did with our “Adopt a Remainian” campaign after the Brexit vote”, says Achim Amann, founder and co-partner of Black Label Properties.

“By supporting people who are drawn to Berlin and those who have already arrived here, we are investing in our society and at the same time creating a breeding ground for the positive development of tomorrow’s Berlin. Art is an excellent medium for this – its language is universal. That’s why artist-in-residence projects are particularly important to us.”

Schlachthaus. fresh & fine art is a non-profit gallery and exhibition space in Berlin

The gallery opened its doors at Budapester Strasse 10 in Berlin-Charlottenburg in mid-April 2018 with a unique vernissage, a homage to Otto Piene’s 90th birthday. This exhibition site is to become a
place to experiment and present ideas of established artists along with new young artists. The aim is to mix the work of both generations and create a dialogue in the media. At the same time, this place,
which is committed to the principle of non-profit, will also be a forum for the promotion and sale of art.

“This is the only way to support artists effectively. And this is the only way to attract new collectors, especially young personalities, who are geared towards relevant contents in art. This will not be a
space for lobbying, with this gallery we want to remove the financial pressure for artists, so there is time and room for work to unfold. However, this can only be achieved through support and sponsorship. We are very pleased to have won two sponsors for our gallery project so far,” says Constanze Kleiner, director of Schlachthaus.fresh & fine art.