36th Berlin Real Estate Forum

German Tax Law for Foreign Property Owners

Experts: Attorney Volker Mauch and BLP CEO Achim Amann
When: September 13th 2022, 7:00 p.m CET
Where: Live via Zoom

Despite rising interest rates, the acquisition of German real estate is still attractive for foreign investors. In this edition we will focus on the tax issues related to buying property as a non-resident taxpayer.

Tax implications for acquiring, holding and exiting a real estate investment are manifold: the real estate transfer tax incurs upon acquisition and the real estate tax is paid for holding the property. If properties are rented out, there are income tax effects, and if commercial properties are rented out to companies or in the case of short-term rentals, sales tax regulations must be observed. Inheritance or gift tax may also apply because the transfer of German property usually leads to taxation in Germany.
German tax law is always in competition with the tax law of other countries when it comes to investing. However, despite being highly regulated, Germany is often more appealing than might be expected.
Our expert Volker Mauch will answer your questions live via zoom on September 13th, 2022 starting at 7:30 p.m. CET

  • Different investment structures – advantages and disadvantages
  • Types of financing
  • Reasonable probable holding period
  • Income tax specifics
  • inheritance and gift tax for non-resident taxpayers
  • Practical implementation of income tax returns and property tax reform 2022
  • Considerations when choosing the legal form


Volker Mauch

Volker Mauch

Volker Mauch is a lawyer and founder of vpmk Rechtsanwälte Legal Services, a Berlin and Stuttgart based law firm specializing in investments, residence and work permits for international private clients.
He is an expert for the legal side of real estate investments in Germany and has consulted over 1.000 clients guiding them through the transaction process.

Achim Amann

Achim Amann

Achim Amann is co-founder and managing director of Black Label Immobilien. Since 2004 he has been dealing with real estate in Europe. He started at the Gulf of St. Tropez (2004-2007), followed by his MBA in England (2008). Since 2008, he has been advising and supporting international key accounts and Berlin property developers and is responsible for the marketing of the Black Label Immobilien and Black Label Properties brands as well as the areas of acquisition and product strategy.

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