How Black Label’s European Campaign Created New Job Opportunities in Berlin

Brexit campaign

Monday 11th December 2017, London. Black Label Properties, the Berlin international estate agency, has launched several initiatives including a European campaign in response to the Brexit vote in 2016. 18 months on, the ‘Adopt a Remainer’ project has been a success with two Brits making the move to live and work in Berlin.

Two young Brits were given the opportunity to work for at least six months in the Berlin office of the international broker to gain experience in the city. Both stayed longer than planned, 20-year-old Joseph Lewis recently returned to his home country to finish his studies, and 23-year-old Amy Brandhorst remained in Berlin and now works for Black Label Properties as an interior designer. More information on Black Label’s Furniture Packages → here.

“I feel like I’m at home in Berlin now, but it took me a while to find the right apartment and friends,” says Amy, who is currently renting a modern apartment in Kreuzberg. “Looking back, the campaign has opened my eyes to other possibilities. I have become more open and confident. I also feel a little more mature than my friends in England, many of whom are still living with their parents as they can’t afford to buy a property. I have met people from all over the world and become more European as a result. Every young person should get the chance to live in another country for a while – it’s a great experience, and I feel closer to Europe with Brexit looming.”

Since the project started, a lot has happened at Black Label Properties. The team has launched a → new mobile app to make finding and purchasing property more accessible for its clients. They have also moved to a larger office in the Westend and taken on several new employees. “In our multilingual team, almost everyone has something in common with our international customers,” continues Amy. “Achim Amann lived in London and France for years and set up the first online international estate agency, which later became Black Label. Rosemary comes from Africa, Josephine from Australia, Nancy from China, Alice has American origins and speaks fluent German and Spanish, and Clive comes from the UK like me. I am pleased to be part of such a multicultural team,” adds the Leeds University English graduate.

As a new citizen of Berlin, Clive Gross assists foreign customers and startups with relocation and business advice.

→ Clive Gross first became aware of the not-so-typical estate agent as a customer in 2015 and liked the company’s ethos so much he decided to join the team. “I have been visiting Berlin for over 20 years, and when I bought a small apartment via Black Label Properties in 2015, I was impressed by the clear and transparent language of the team and how they do business. The reason for my move to Berlin is, therefore, a mixture of good timing and opportunities, which have opened up to me over the past two years through Black Label,” says Clive who is now living in the city full time.

The primary task of Black Label’s Relocations department is to advise international clients on the practicalities of a move to Berlin. Clive accompanies buyers who are based outside Germany and provides support throughout the entire process – from the idea of relocating to handing over the keys to their new home, and, even more importantly, registering for the electricity supply. Brexit was also, indirectly, the impetus for his move to Berlin earlier this year. “For me, my move was not the result of ‘Brexit’, but a more general disillusionment with the British view of the world and an insular mentality. I have always felt more European than British, so leaving the UK is a direct attack on my identity – it feels excellent to live in Berlin now.”


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