How can I determine the market value of my property in Berlin

Interview with Achim Amann | CEO Black Label Properties

How can I determine the market value of my property in Berlin?

We recommend you contact two to three local real estate agents for a professional valuation of your property. This is – at least in Berlin – free of charge. Make sure however to only contact those with good references, a good reputation (see Internet entries, press, etc.) and a professional website, and pay particular attention to their local market knowledge.

The agent should ideally have more than one employee, have their own office and have already made sales in your area. The agent should take the time to acknowledge everything in your apartment or house. The valuations of your property should be made in writing and justified. Additionally, make sure to ask the agent to contact other sellers in your area so you can gain from their experiences too.

After you have several valuations, you should have an initial idea of your property’s market value. Please note however that your property’s value is not necessarily the value determined by the agent with the highest evaluation of your house or apartment. Even if this seems the most accurate price to you, make sure to go through the advice of the other agents.

  • What have been identified as its main selling points?
  • Who are your potential buyers?
  • How exactly have these factors been explained to you and can you understand them?

Each broker has their own experiences and these can also lead to very different evaluation outcomes.

We are here to provide you with a free and non-binding market assessment:

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