How is the Berlin investment market developing?

How is the Berlin investment market developing?

Investing in the capital: opportunities and challenges

When: July 9th 2024, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. CET
Where: live via Zoom
Language: German

We are delighted to invite you to the 56th Berlin Real Estate Talk, which will take place on 9 July 2024. This time we welcome Corvin Tolle, Managing Partner of Tolle Immobilien, as an expert.

The Berlin investment market, especially in the property sector, is complex and offers various perspectives and opportunities that can be discussed in detail at a discourse such as the Berlin Property Talk. Topics and content are adapted at short notice according to the questions that are addressed to us live.

Here are some points that can be addressed:

  • Discussion of current price trends, whether the market is overheated and which areas of Berlin offer the greatest growth or the best investment opportunities.
  • Influence of global and local economic factors on the property market, such as interest rates, inflation and the economic recovery after the pandemic.
  • New construction projects and urban development plans in Berlin, such as the redevelopment of neighbourhoods or the development of new residential and commercial space.
  • Laws and regulations that influence development, such as the rent cap law and its impact on investors.
  • Different approaches to investment, such as direct investment in property, buying shares in property funds or crowdinvesting.
  • Discussion of risk management and diversification strategies in the current market environment.
  • Changes in demographics and buyer behaviour, trends among young buyers, international investors and their preferences.
  • The impact of migration and population growth on demand for residential and commercial property.
  • Current and upcoming tax changes that could affect investors.
  • Legal challenges and opportunities in the Berlin property market, such as property rights, planning permission and tenancy law.


About the experts:

Corvin Tolle, Managing Partner of Tolle Immobilien. Tolle Immobilien has over 30 years of experience in supporting private individuals, family offices, foundations, banks and institutional investors from both Germany and the surrounding region. With a team of experts in the areas of private property, investment property and property management, we offer you comprehensive services for the sale and management of property in Berlin and nationwide.

Achim Amann is co-founder and managing director of Black Label Properties. He has been active in the European property market since 2004 and offers expertise in the areas of property sales and acquisition strategies.


Register for the live conversation:

Please register in advance to gain access to the live discussion. We encourage you to submit specific questions when you register. The more detailed your questions, the more targeted and precise our answers can be.

Participation is free of charge. We look forward to welcoming you virtually and discussing together! Please fill in the following form to register without obligation and gain access to the Zoom meeting

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