LenzWerk stands for holistic economical living design

Thomas Mann House Los Angeles
Thomas Mann House Los Angeles

LenzWerk stands for holistic economical living design

...and is always one creative step ahead.

It all began ten years ago when dancer and set designer Ursula Seeba-Hannan refurbished her own apartment in Berlin. The construction site soon became a pilgrimage site for friends and acquaintances. The impressive innovative interior in her apartment laid the groundwork for an extraordinary career in the Berlin design and property development industry. The visionary designer hit the zeitgeist with her style which has always been influenced by sustainability, a symbiosis of cosiness, clear structures and the clever use of sustainable materials. All of her friends then also wanted to have this "cosy home".

The designer did not only get requests from her friends- soon the first professional orders trickled in. Just ten years later the entrepreneur can look back on an extremely successful career. Currently 30 employees work for the → LenzWerk Holding GmbH, consisting of four factories, namely: concept, manufacture, construct and technology, while the furniture factory employs a further 50 people.

Ursula Seeba-Hannan
Ursula Seeba-Hannan

From a single renovation project to a successful designer

"As soon as I enter a room or a house, the finished picture appears in front of my eyes like in a Hollywood film. I run through every area in my mind until everything feels coherent“ says Ursula Seeba-Hannan, describing her visionary talent. "At first I had to fight a lot to assert myself in the male-dominated construction industry. But after ten years I finally feel I have been accepted," says the talented designer.

I have a deeply trusting relationship with Black Label Properties

"I have built a trusting relationship with Black Label Properties over the past six years. Mr. Amann and I think in the same way, we never look at money first, and above all it is of utmost importance to us both that the client is satisfied. These commonalities have allowed us to develop a successful working relationship."

The White Villa Westend

The most recent joint projects in Berlin include the "Garden of Colonel von Riedel" and → The White Villa Westend. The White Villa in particular clearly demonstrates Seeba-Hannan’s passion for clear structures and a view for the essential, characterised by the Bauhaus style of the 30s. The Berlin-based designer is especially proud of this project, which was completely built by her and her team.

In this project, she was able to execute her aesthetic and artistic demands for creating a fantastic living environment. The villa, with its rounded corners, looks like a polished gem.

LenzWerks slogan: "We do what we love"

But let's go back to the Tiergarten-based LenzWerk companies. Ursula Seeba-Hannan's assistant is a close friend from her childhood and the factory has been run for two years by her 24-year-old son Jasper Hannan. "It's funny how we switch back and forth between family and business language."

Jasper Hannan is already so heavily involved in the company business that there is currently little time for his studies. "But this summer he has his bachelor - fortunately," laughs his mother. Recently, he was able to attract an investor from Monaco for the trend-setting design ideas of LenzWerk and Partners. In Monaco, a 480 sqm showroom is currently being built. The villa in the heart of Monte Carlo will be completely furnished as a home staging object - a total of 20 partners will exhibit there together with LenzWerk, including Miele Marine, Dornbracht, Thonet and Walter Knoll.

"This association was formed through my involvement in the restoration of the → the Thomas Mann House in Los Angeles. I was drawn to this memorable residence project as a consultant and interior designer," says the creative designer, who has long stretched her talents far beyond Berlin's borders.

Their team recently installed 114 kitchens in a new building in Hamburg's trendy Hafencity. The mastermind designer also does not shy away from difficult implementations and trustfully follows her visions: "I try every way, the main thing is to reach our goal! Every new company of ours has come into being because we did not find an external company that could implement our ideas." The innovative designer is currently working on modular construction methods. We look forward to her future projects. The latest Berlin project in cooperation with Black Label Properties is an old charming semi-detached house in the Insterburgallee, which we will soon be telling you more about.