Let’s Talk about Living Lichtenberg

(and other underrated Berlin neighborhoods)

From borough to borough, living in Berlin offers an endless array of cultural and historical pleasures to be found, but while some neighborhoods have been written about and explored to death (not to say they aren’t still amazing), others are still a haven for those who forge their own paths in Berlin. Living in Berlin’s lesser-known neighborhoods is often cheaper and provides the ability to enjoy the proximity to the city and the opportunity to carve out your own place in the city. Here are a few neighborhoods that you should watch out for!

█ Lichtenberg

The former East German neighborhood has a lot to keep history buffs engaged from the former Stasi prison to the Mies van der Rohe House, which was the last home built by the famed Bauhaus architect Ludwig van der Rohe in 1932 and which served as a Stasi canteen during the GDR era. Lichtenberg is slowly gaining traction on the property owner’s radars as the center is easily reached by public transportation and the prices of Lichtenberg apartments are still extremely affordable. Lichtenberg itself keeps a low-key profile, but living in Lichtenberg is what you make of it. It sits just next to the wild side of Kreuzberg but the innocent joys of Tierpark (Europe’s biggest Zoo) is an oasis within the big city. While it may still seem like a “lesser-known” part of Berlin, savvy 30-somethings are building up the vibe, and it’s the place to have your eyes set on.

Favorite part of living in Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg is affectionately called Asiatown due to the Dong Xuan Center. Berlin has no shortage of good food, but Lichtenberg is the place to indulge on some of the best Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese!

■ Buckow

On the south side of Neukölln sits a dark horse of a neighborhood, Buckow. Berliners know and love the airport-turned public park Tempelhofer Feld (also the site of the Berlin’s famous Bread and Butter fashion week), but they forget to take a peak past. Travel a bit further of Tempelhofer Feld and Buckow reveals itself. Living in Buckow is a chance to have a more authentic German experience while sitting just a short train ride away from one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city. Buckow is the place for those who want and need the adventure of the city but need a generally more subdued lifestyle on the day-to-day front.

Favorite part of living in Buckow

Hidden away from packs of tourists, the Britzer Garten is one of Berlin’s best kept secrets … even from Berliners. The park holds numerous events throughout the year and the floral architecture is designed to match the seasons and is absolutely stunning.

■ Köpenick

Köpenick is perhaps the most fascinating of our three underrated Berlin neighborhoods as it’s Berlin’s biggest borough and it is an outdoor-lovers dream. Köppenick is brimming with forests and waterways like Muggelsee and the Dahme and Spree rivers. Living in Köpenick is a way to have your cake and eat it too. The area’s rich history gives it its own unique flair, and a rather well-to-do one at that, but it offers the more bucolic beauty with the vibrancy of Berlin. Once its own town Köpenick has a complex history and one can find great relics of that in the Memorial of Köpenick Week of Blood, a memorial to those murdered by Nazis in 1933 and the Köpenick Palace.

Favorite part of living in Köpenick

Köpenick is quietly famous for the “Köpenicker Summer”. The street festival is a beloved annual tradition featuring live music and arts for residents and those lucky enough to have Köpenick on their radar.


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