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Leipzig – the new German property hotspot

The historic city of Leipzig is fast becoming the new metropolis of East Germany, building on its reputation as the Buchstadt (Book Town) of Germany, an industrial hub and the city of peaceful revolution. Leipzig is also considered Germany’s monument capital.
Next to Paris and Vienna it is arguably the most important city of music in Europe. Bach, Mendelsohn-Bartholdy, Grieg, Mahler and Schuhmann all composed in Leipzig. Richard Wagner is a son of the city. Internationally renowned ensembles such as the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the St. Thomas Choir are based here.

Internationally most famous for the Leipzig Book Fair – which continued to attract visitors from around the world throughout the DDR period – the city is one of the oldest exhibition locations in the world. There are currently around 40 trade fairs, 100 congresses and other events with a total of 10,000 exhibitors and 1.3 million visitors each year – including the Games Convention and Auto Mobil International.

Founded in 1409, the University of Leipzig is the second oldest university in Germany. Many famous people studied here – from Leibnitz, Wagner and Nietzsche, through to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Johann Wolfgang Goethe also studied in Leipzig, and because he liked to stay in the centrally located “Auerbachs Keller, he even included the city in Faust:
“I praise my Leipzig! It’s a little Paris and makes its people.”

A traditional city turning into a modern metropolis.

Leipzig has always attracted many people with its high quality of life, rich history and culture and many architectural charms. The relaxed mix of international students, academics, business people and long-time residents gives the city a unique ambience. Now the city also has an extremely successful football club RB Leipzig, which has spread the fame of the city across Europe in a new sporting arena.

The immediate area around Leipzig also boasts interesting locations, such the small adjoining towns of Markkleeberg and Schkeuditz where a well-developed infrastructure has attracted large companies such as DHL and Porsche to locate.

Leipzig property market offers many opportunities for investors

Many attractive investment properties can be found in Leipzig, where properties cost 40-50% per cent less than in Berlin in excellent locations. Rents are still low, and significant growth potential and returns of 5-7% are expected for the next few years as the city continues to expand. The city center still has many suitable spaces to build and developers are increasingly looking to create new projects there.

Leipzig is an exciting market, with the average prices for properties between 3000 and 4000 euros per square meter and rents are between eight and nine euros per square meter. Since the cost of living is still relatively low and the average salary normal in comparison, the quality of life in Leipzig and in the surrounding area is very high.

Do you want to sell your Leipzig property?

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