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Berlin has a total of twelve districts, or ‘Kieze’ as they are known more locally. Each district is gloriously unique, shaped by its own characteristic past- Charlottenburg in the west by the artists, playwrights and politicians of the golden twenties or Marzahn in the east with its typical East German socialist architecture.

Clients from across the world come to Black Label with the intention of → buying or → investing in property in Berlin. Those who are new to Berlin however can become a little overwhelmed with the variety of districts and choosing where would be the right place for them to make their purchase. To make this process that little bit easier, we have created our very own area guides specifically for property purchasers. Nothing beats actually visiting and experiencing the diverse neighbourhoods yourself of course, but these guides will give you an initial insight into the history of the district, its location and even a video playlist created by one of our expert sales agents, → Clive Gross.

Please find the area guides → here.


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