New Campaign to Help More Families to Buy Their First Home
New Campaign to Help More Families to Buy Their First Home | © [pusteflower9024] – Adobe Stock

Black Label is waiving 30% broker commission for first-time buyers and offering FREE Property Seminars to advise tenants on the best solution for their situation.

This week we launched a new campaign — “Relaxed Living — No Landlords”, to help more families and long-term tenants to get on the housing ladder. We are offering first-time buyers a 30% discount off the broker’s commission to help them find suitable accommodation in an overheated housing market — along with FREE Property Seminars to advise tenants and apartment seekers on the best solution for their situation. The aim is to raise awareness of the tense situation on the housing market and how finding an affordable apartment to rent or buy in Berlin has become impossible for many young families and professionals. It isn’t good enough.

Our philosophy is to advise our customers free of charge. We only earn a commission when we make a sale. We would like to help young families to have their dream home and show them how to become more active about finding it rather than giving up and staying in unsuitable accommodation on long-term tenancies, which is what is currently happening. We will give them valuable information about the market and how they can improve their situation and empower them to become a property owner in spite of the tense housing market.

Free Property Seminars

We are also offering free Property Seminars and 1–1 personal consultations for long-term tenants and those looking to purchase a home. The aim is to offer a higher quality service than a consultation with the Renters’ Protection Association because our approach is business focused and based on first-hand experience of the housing market. Our team will examine existing tenancy agreements and discuss a tenant’s housing situation as well as explaining what could happen over the next 10 years if they are on a long-term tenancy agreement. The aim is to introduce a new way of thinking about home ownership, to explore the possibilities and bring more tenants into home ownership so that they are independent of the current political situation.

More information for first-time buyers here:


Bringing more tenants into home ownership and creating transparency on the market

Tenants in low-cost apartments in need of renovation are increasingly finding that their existing leases are gradually being cancelled by the termination of their own requirements, as there are hardly any vacant apartments on the market. Many of these tenants try to sit out the threatening situation instead of becoming more politically active. However, this does not prevent them from having to modernise their homes and apartments and from having to adjust the rent to the market value in the medium term. It is therefore only a matter of time before socially weaker tenants have to leave their homes. This isn’t fair. We would like to advise these people and show them their options, so they aren’t losers in the situation.

Part of the problem of inactivity is that Berlin tenants often don’t know who owns their apartment building. Thanks to a new initiative launched by the editors of Tagesspiegel and CORRECTIV, the first non-profit research centre in German-speaking countries, this is changing. Check out this tool on Tagesspiegel to find out who owns your apartment and how that affects the rental price. Tenants are being asked to inform the research centre who their landlord is. It is hoped that initiatives like this create more awareness and will give tenants the impetus to take personal responsibility for action rather than relying on inactive politicians.

We are also calling on other Berlin real estate agents to join our campaign and to network more to discuss current issues and potential solutions. By joining forces and helping to promote the campaign, other agents will show that they are also being proactive and have a strong desire to see a change in the city, to help create more affordable housing and empower more Berliners into home ownership.

  • Plan B: When residents tackle the city’s housing shortage. (
  • The Study — Germany’s Most Wanted Apartment. (
  • The campaign hashtag is #RelaxedLivingNoLandlords. Please share!
  • Book a free Property Seminar for advise on your current situation (up to six participants per seminar) — email
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