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April 2023

Topic: Real Estate and Taxes
Expert: Frank Hampicke, HSP STEUER Frank Hampicke Berlin GmbH & Co. KG Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

When: April 11th 2022 | 7:00 p.m CET | Live via Zoom


Past episodes

Taxes and transaction costs when buying and selling real estate in Germany
Germany is a popular destination for real estate investment, thanks to its stable economy, attractive property prices, and favourable legal system. However, like in any other country, buying and selling real estate in Germany is subject to certain taxes and fees ...
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Why now is exactly the right time to invest in a home for you.
The German real estate market has been through turbulent times. And even today, no one can say where the journey will take us. But right now, those who buck the trend are being rewarded. People are rewarded who buy now instead of waiting ...
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German Real Estate Market Forecast 2023
Compared to international real estate markets the German real estate market has been performing well in recent years, especially in the current crisis! The reason? Very low supply of property in urban areas and high demand for rental properties ...
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Heat pumps in older buildings
If you are the owner of a property, you cannot avoid the topic of energy. Energy-efficient renovation of old buildings with appropriate insulation measures are just as important as heating your own four walls. In our experience, many property owners find it very difficult to find the right heating technology and to keep track of the financial hurdles ...
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Family Office for Private Individuals
Many wealthy individuals do not have the time, expertise or interest to take care of their investments themselves. We work together with strong and experienced partners who provide you with full support in securing and increasing your assets. Let us advise you in detail and free of charge ...
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Magnificent old building flat in Berlin
Eine Wohnung in einem Berliner Altbau ist eine der begehrtesten Immobilien auf dem deutschen Immobilienmarkt – für die eigene Nutzung oder als lukrative Kapitalanlage. Aber warum? ...
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Selling property without an agent - is that really a good idea these days?
Many friends and acquaintances keep asking us why they need a realtor to sell their house. After all, they say, there is an enormous demand for housing. Since the market evaluation of one's own house by one or more estate agents is usually free of charge, and an advertisement in the various real estate portals can also be booked as a private seller, estate agents would actually be superfluous ...
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How easy is it to buy a tenanted apartment and claim it for self-usage?
Many of our international clients who are looking for property in Berlin underestimate the process of buying a tenanted property and claiming it for self-usage. Many people hoping to do this don’t quite realise how extensive tenant rights are in Germany and this is unsurprising considering how different the process is in Germany when compared to its European counterparts ...
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What are the “Live Events: Meet the Expert”?

The “Live Events | Meet the Expert” are free video chats with experts from the real estate industry. Here tenants, landlords, owners, buyers and everyone who is interested in the topic of “living in Berlin” can participate. Since it is sponsored by Black Label Properties, the experts are available to answer your questions free of charge.

You do not have to be a Black Label Properties customer; you can register via email by filling out our form and asking your questions. You will then receive the access link for the video conference. To participate, you need a computer or smartphone and internet access. The camera and sound remain switched off during the video chat. That means you cannot be seen or heard. However, you can see and hear the experts and can also ask questions live in chat.

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How does a video chat work and what do I need to know?

We use the software Zoom. We have our own company account there so that your data cannot be viewed by third parties. Participants in the conference will receive an access code and a link beforehand. You only need a computer or smartphone, but no microphone or camera as you do not become active yourself visually or via audio. But you are welcome to enter questions online in chat.

What questions can I ask?

Every month there is a separate theme. The experts come from the real estate industry and each expert stands for his area. Example: Specialist lawyer for tenancy law for questions from tenants and landlords, specialist lawyer for building law for building owners, specialist lawyer for administrative law for building applications, financing broker for building finance, etc. Please inform yourself in advance about the experts and their skills.

Why does Black Label Properties offer this?

In addition to our brokerage activities, we manage and rent out apartments and apartment buildings. Clients often ask the same questions. We are also often confronted with things that cannot be properly answered by an estate agent or property manager. These questions concern, among other things, legal or tax aspects. But also financial issues related to housing and real estate are asked.

Some of our customers shy away from costs and the effort to contact the experts. But that is a mistake. Especially when it comes to your apartment, your home or your retirement, you should collect as much information as you can. In times of “social distancing” appointments with such experts are not easy to get. We want to lower the hurdles for everyone here so that more people can get professional information and get specific questions answered.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Achim Amann
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