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How you know when it’s time to downsize.

After a glorious European summer- with the majority of us spending more time outdoors than indoors- we have now reluctantly retreated back into our homes for the colder months. While our homes heated themselves during the summer and without a second thought for switching on the heating, coming back inside can suddenly be a harsh reminder that space is costly, especially if it is not being used.

One of the first concerns people raise when contemplating the idea of selling their property and looking for a smaller home is the possibility that they won’t be able to get used to having less space. While this is certainly an understandable apprehension, what must be remembered are the benefits that are going to greatly outweigh this concern. Aside from the money you will save, downsizing can really make a difference to you and your family’s lives.

Needing less space for family

One of the main reasons people make the decision to downsize is because their children have grown up and left home, leaving surplus room which simply isn’t being used. Suddenly a home which was once bustling with life now feels empty and cold. Downsizing could mean a home much more suited to your needs.

Wanting to create your personalised home

Selling and downsizing also means more money to invest in creating your perfect home. The ‘perfect home’ means something different to everyone- this could mean installing that dream kitchen or having the best security software around your property. Losing that extra bedroom could enable these imaginings to become a reality.

Is it time for you to downsize?

There’s a high chance that all of us, at one time or another, will start to have that feeling that so much space simply isn’t necessary anymore and it’s time to move on and look for something which better suits our needs. Bigger isn’t always better and while moving house is never an easy decision- particularly if you have spent the majority of your life there with your children who have now flown the nest- it is always worth thinking about what you can gain from simply giving up that little bit of extra space. Of course everyone’s motivations for downsizing are different and this post has only discussed some of the most common reasons. At Black Label we have a whole host of property experts who can help you to sell your property in Berlin. Moreover, we can also help you to explore your options if you do make the decision to sell so please do not hesitate to contact us for further expert advice on this.

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