Oktoberfest fine dining

Enjoying Oktoberfest the elegant way

Oktoberfest is the heart and soul of the German autumn, and food and drink obviously play a pivotal role in making the celebrations especially memorable. Berlin has its own special spots as ersatz Oktoberfest Wiesn, but for those who don’t like to get jostled around by drunk tourists in polyester dirndls the personal Oktoberfest party is a much better option.

Oktoberfest has an aura of pastoral pleasure, but we thought we’d look at how you can make it modern and chic and the gorgeous contemporary dining rooms that best fit a more metropolitan version of the beloved celebration.

Beers and Boats

Beer is obviously the center point of Oktoberfest, and there are specific rules to what can be served at the Munich Oktoberfest. It would defeat the point of the whole celebration to try to exchange the IPA for pilsener, so let’s keep to tradition on this one and stick with liters of Augustiner or Löwenbräu enjoyed from a big, beautiful beer stein. As much as I love darker beers, the traditional pilsener is fresh and light and would be well enjoyed in a similarly styled dining room. Floating out in the Grünewald, the  gorgeous houseboat dining room offers a beautiful view of the autumn colors to keep that bucolic feel to the celebration but with a special touch of modern class making it a different kind of Oktoberfest party.

Pretzels in Prenzl’ Berg

Why not enjoy the best pretzels in Prenzl’ Berg? If you throw your own Oktoberfest party, it’s best to do things just a bit differently. The big pretzels at the bakery can often be dry, so go that extra step and make your own with sage and garlic. Just that touch of herb elevates the German classic to fit perfectly with a more elegant party style, and a good mustard variety from the tangy Düsseldorf style to a more horseradish-heavy kind shows a serious display of taste.

Trendy tastes

Sausage is a given for an Oktoberfest party, but why not go schnitzel in creamy mushroom sauce with a hint of truffle oil? The intensely savory twist on a favorite is perfectly balanced with the beloved pils and a bit of strong sauerkraut on the side. Food and spaces complement each other, and the elegant trendiness of truffle oil fits perfectly into the vibe of this beautiful Friedrichshain apartment. With a large open dining room and living room area, it will make your Oktoberfest party unforgettable.

By Alice Bauer

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