Long- and short-term leasing

The process of enabling Black Label’s letting and management company to gradually take over responsibility of your Berlin apartment usually begins with discussing whether you are looking to lease your apartment long term or whether you want to furnish the apartment and lease it for a limited time period as a serviced apartment in Berlin.

In order to give a brief insight into these two options, written underneath are the advantages and disadvantages of both. These are of course very general points and only by speaking directly with our professional and experienced rental and management company will you get a true indication of what is best option for you and your property.

Long-term lease


  • High demand- many people are looking for long-term rentals in Berlin
  • Security- continuous, long term rental provides this
  • Low administration costs- result of fewer tenants
  • No expenses for furniture- tenants renting long term will bring their own
  • Increasing of rent possible


  • Tenant protection, notice not possible- exception: self-usage
  • Possible risk: legal limitations on rent prices- this however only applies for old apartments


Furnished short-term lease


  • Limited duration- no long term commitment to a tenant
  • Flexibility- allows the opportunity for self-usage


  • Low demand- more people are looking for long-term rentals
  • Cost of furniture- this would however be a one-time cost
  • High marketing and rental costs
  • Possible vacancy for a long period of time between rentals- this is however unlikely in Berlin’s current rental market

For more information on the letting and management services that Black Label provides, please follow the link below.