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August 22, 2019
Worldview Berlin [PDF 9 MB]
A proposed 5-year freeze on rentals to take effect from 18 June has the city on edge as the local authority braces for a court challenge and a plunge in investments from locals and foreigners.
Author: Nicci Talbot

Juli 11, 2019
4 striking Berlin properties for sale right now
Author: By Betty Wood

June 19, 2019
Author: By Evgeny Vetokhin

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Various – all articles listed here
Author: Nicci Talboot & Dominique Bridstrup

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April 1, 2019
Berlin investors can make 300% profit
Author: Business Ghana

February 21, 2019
Berlin’s Growing Neighbourhoods
Author: Claire Carponen

January 28, 2019
Should I Sell My Property Privately or Via an Agent?
Author: Editorial team

January 14, 2019
Berlin Area Guides – Where to Live
Author: Editorial team

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