When is the best time to purchase Berlin real estate?

Assessing the winter real estate market

The New Year’s Eve festival or “Silvester” is one of Berlin’s biggest parties, and considering the fame the city has for such festivities, that’s really saying something. Silvester at the Brandenburger Tor is famed for its frenetic excitement, grand spectacles and lots of noise. All of this jubilance ushers in a New Year, but what we’re really celebrating is a new beginning and new opportunities.

The start of the New Year is a great time to assess your current situation and to plan out what goals you have and want to achieve in the coming year and further down the line. It’s also the perfect time to start looking into taking the next step and purchasing your own property. With the joy (and stress) of the holidays behind you, you have time to get back into your rhythm and a moment or two to start assessing the Berlin real estate market and where you want to fit into it. The beginning of January is an excellent time to start looking through Berlin properties and your personal documents. The general calm and quiet this time of year gives you a quick chance to sit and think.

Not only does the beginning of January have a short moment of calm, the winter months are some of the best times of year to purchase Berlin real estate. Spring time, in general, is a very busy time for real estate, both for those looking to sell property and those looking to buy property. Spring is the time of year when inventory is at its peak, and while that means there’s plenty of option, it also means there’s plenty of competition. It is the mid-winter though, that offers some of the best prices for those scouring the Berlin real estate market. For both property owners looking to sell and house hunters looking to purchase, the New Year has an essence of getting things started on the right foot.

Winter months (December to end of February) tend to be a slower time of year for real estate agents, so it’s a great time to take a look at available properties and speak to an agent. Both property buyers and agents have more time to assess the real estate market and possibilities and figure out the details with a more personal touch. For buyers, prices tend to be at their most reasonable during the winter, and for sellers the inventory is limited giving their property the edge.

Buying or selling Berlin apartments in the winter can be difficult due to the lack of desire to brave the cold and go to viewings, but for those who want to be ahead of the pack and get their pick of the Berlin real estate market, now is the time to go for it. Spring time will still be there with its many choices, but winter is for the tenacious and ambitious.


By Alice Bauer

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