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Looking for a property to buy?

Do you work in the capital or want to experience the up-and-coming metropolis at the weekends or during your holidays? Are you looking for a temporary home, planning your future in a spacious 3-room apartment or wanting to buy a property as a second home or a commercial property? Or are you an investor who is always looking for property gems to rent or resell after a certain time?
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Wanting to sell your property?

Apartment prices in Berlin have risen by around 20 percent since 2017, and house prices by around 10 percent. Property prices are about 150 percent above the national average. Thus, real estate prices in Berlin have risen the most. If you are a homeowner, it may be worth your while to sell your property.
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You want to know what your property is worth?

We take the time to arrange a personal and in-depth inspection of your property to create a free real estate valuation as a first estimate of the market value of your property. Please note that a property valuation cannot replace an appraisal despite careful research.
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You want to invest your money safely and with solid returns?

There are currently significant increases in the value of apartments in Berlin and an end to these price rises is not in sight. A safe investment of your capital and a positive monthly cash flow are therefore very realistic. It will enable you to build up your private assets and lay the foundation for your retirement.
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Searching for something special?

In recent years, the market for luxury real estate in Germany has become particularly attractive for buyers. The stock of real estate in the most beautiful areas of Berlin, such as Schöneberg, Friedrichshain and Mitte, is increasing daily. On offer are some really unique properties at very attractive prices. Many historical buildings from the 20th century are being renovated or converted into modern lofts.
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We can manage and rent out your property in Berlin

You can benefit from our expertise in the management of your home and save a considerable amount of time and stress. You do not have to be there and do not have to worry about tenants. Working with Black Label means a competent partner at your side at all times who can communicate with the property management, service providers, craftsmen and other real estate experts while always having your best interests at the forefront of their minds.
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