To rent or to buy?


We’ve got some advice on how to afford a new home

Based on your monthly rent we can advise you whether the purchase of a new house or apartment is the right decision for you. In addition we take into account the requirements of your perfect property, the funds available to you and the current interest level on mortgages. For more in depth advice on financing possibilities, make a free appointment in our Berlin office or via telephone.

For a quick overview of what you can expect to afford, use our rent-or-buy calculator below. This uses your current monthly rent to suggest what property price you can afford today.


What is your rent per month (without bills)?

You could afford the same monthly mortgage payments if you bought a property worth up to:

Have you decided you’d be better off buying? Or would you prefer to be advised more in-depth in person as to whether it is more financially sensible for you to rent or buy? Get in touch with our team directly and we can offer advice tailored to your situation.

As an experienced Berlin agent, we have a deep knowledge of the market and can say with confidence when it becomes cheaper to buy your home. As a rule of thumb, this is usually the case when your annual expenditure on rent is three per cent or more of the purchase price of a property. Where this is the case we are happy to give further advice on making a purchase.

Bitten senden Sie uns Ihre Darlehensanfrage: Welcher Zins gilt für die Finanzierung Ihrer Wunsch-Immobilie? Bereits wenige Angaben zur Finanzierung genügen – und unsere Mitarbeiter wenden sich umgehend an Sie und geben Ihnen eine erste Einschätzung zu Ihrem individuellen Top-Zins.

For your information

Berlin Price Map

Our Berlin Underground Price Map shows you the average price per square metre you can expect to pay for an apartment near each underground station.

Berlin price map

Berlin Rental Map

Our Berlin Underground Rental Map shows you the average rental income per square metre you can expect to receive near each underground station.

Berlin rental map