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Selling an old residential property

Buildings in Berlin built before 1953 are referred to as ‘old buildings’. Due to the special exterior façade, old buildings tend to be more eye-catching, especially when they are between the new builds and penthouses of Berlin. An apartment in an old building in Berlin is one of the most sought-after properties on the German market - for both owner-occupiers and investors. The stuccoed walls, classic wooden floorboards, high ceilings or the herringbone or parquet floors make apartments in a pre 1953 property very popular.

A big advantage of these apartments is the proximity to the city centre, high ceilings, build quality, room size etc. However, some do not have the luxuries of a lift. Depending on the conversion some may not have great soundproofing and might need more TLC than a new build. However selling a refurbished and vacant apartment in an old building at a good price is relatively easy in Berlin. There is a large group of buyers.

Questions when selling an apartment in an older Building:

  • What documents are required?
    1. Extract from the land register not older than 3 months
    2. Proof of insurance
    3. Field map
    4. Official site plan
    5. Information on contaminated sites
    6. Information on building encumbrances
    7. Property tax assessment for the current year
    8. Dimensioned floor plan of each apartment including each room with dimensions, stamp of the surveyor
    9. Overview of the modernizations of the last 10 years, important here: original receipts and invoices
    10. Current energy certificate and maintenance logs of the gas boiler for gas floor heating or central heating
    11. If you have remodelled the old building and changed the floor plans, copies of the building permit, statics, test statics, fire protection and the various permits from the Berlin authorities (e.g. milieu protection) are required.
    12. If necessary, analyse the apartment with an energy consultant and point out or prepare for possible energy modernization, see also funding options for this by the state
    13. If the apartment for sale is rented, proof of rental income and a copy of the rental agreement are also required.
  • What needs special attention?

    For legal certainty, sellers of condominiums in old buildings should secure themselves contractually and contractually exclude warranties. If the warranty is excluded, the seller protects himself against sanitation costs to eliminate defects that occur after the conclusion of the contract.

  • What price can be achieved?

    Take the opportunity and carry out renovation and repair work yourself before selling the apartment. This can significantly increase the selling price. Apartments on the ground floor often fetch lower prices than apartments on higher floors. Significantly higher sales prices are achieved for apartments in older buildings in A list locations than in B or C list locations. Apartments that are equipped with modern sanitary facilities and whose plumbing meets the current standard have a big advantage.

    If you want to sell the apartment yourself, then you have to set a price yourself. For a first estimate of the value, please use our online valuation tool. If you hire a broker like us to do the valuation, you will get a more realistic value that takes into account all the pros and cons of your old Berlin apartment. This valuation is non-binding.

    If you decide to sell your Berlin apartment with us, it can be worthwhile in terms of the price that can be achieved. Apartments in old buildings are often properties in the high-price segment. We have a selected customer base for this and we have a lot of market knowledge and negotiating skills due to our many years of work.

  • What taxes are due on sale?

    When selling a property, the so-called "speculation tax" may apply. This means that if you did not live in the property yourself and sell it, you pay income tax on the realized gain. However, if you have owned the apartment for more than 10 years, you do not pay any taxes on the gain.

    If you live in the property yourself, the three-year rule applies . This means that you must have lived in the apartment for at least three calendar years in order to sell it tax-free.

    Calculation example:
    Selling price of the property - costs incurred during the sale such as repairs or broker's commission - interest - acquisition costs - depreciation (approx. 2% of the value of the building) = profit that has to be taxed

    Please always contact a tax advisor when selling an apartment. If you do not know a tax advisor who is familiar with real estate, we will be happy to help you find an experienced tax advisor.

  • How is the sale completed?

    The purchase contract requires a notarial deed. The notary costs incurred when selling a property are usually borne by the buyer. For the seller, there are only deletion costs when selling the apartment (e.g. land charges, usufruct, apartment rights, etc.).

    The notary is responsible for the following points:

    • Notarization of the sale of the home
    • Arranging for the entry of the conveyance in the land register
    • Ordering the purchase price payment from the buyer
    • After paying the real estate transfer tax, the transfer of ownership is entered in the land register

Would you like to sell an apartment in Berlin?

You are welcome to determine the value of your Berlin property online. However, an inspection is essential for an accurate market price assessment. On request, our Berlin real estate experts can analyse your old apartment on site and determine a realistic selling price.

If you have any questions, would like to make an appointment or are interested in buying an apartment in an old building in Berlin , we look forward to hearing from you by telephone on 030 - 921 43 046

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