Taxi for Black Label Immobilien - Achim Amann
Taxi Berlin - Achim Amann


  • Black Label hails Berlin Taxis!
  • Company is owned by Berliners
  • Black Label’s team speak all major languages
  • Connect with buyers around the world

Taxis know every corner of the city. They know every side street, Berlin’s every “nook and cranny”. They get you from A to B quickly and smoothly. They’ll get you to where you want to be.

Black Label Properties is the same. We are a Berlin-based company, owned by Berliners, so we know our city. It’s also how we do business. With over thirty years of experience in the Berlin property market, tell us what you want, where you want to be and we’ll get you there, quickly, efficiently and without a fuss.

We seek to help people. The abundance of online material on our website and YouTube channel for example, both in clear and easy to understand written and video format, aims to educate you on the various aspects involved in buying and selling property in Berlin. The free material also covers more general topics such as what it’s like to live in Berlin as a non-Berliner and guides you can use to better get to know various areas of the city.

As well as always working for and in the best interests of other Berliners, we are also set up as an international agency. This includes a team which consists of people who can speak multiple different languages, including native English speakers. We do not just have the skills however to be able to communicate effectively with all of our clients. Many members of our team have numerous years of experience helping people from outside of Germany either buy or sell a property in Berlin. We therefore have a really good understanding of what it is like if you are a non-German to deal in the Berlin market. As an international agency we see and understand the market from your point of view.

Taxi - Andreas Müller

Being an international agency therefore brings benefits to both Berliners and non-Berliners alike. We can contact buyers from across the world meaning many clients who buy property with us are non-Germans who we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach had we not been set up as an international agency. This broadens the market extensively for Berliners selling in Berlin, as well as opens up the Berlin market for buyers from abroad who have little to zero previous knowledge of the Berlin market.

For information on what makes Black Label different you can watch this short video:

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