Full Glown – The Berlin Festival of Light

Bringing appreciation to Mitte with Berlin art

It’s the Festival of Light time, and Berlin is glowing brighter than ever these days! Every fall art in Berlin goes full-on for the public, decorating the most iconic buildings in the city with brilliant, colorful displays projected onto the facades.

Through stunning images and patterns, the Festival of Lights shows some amazing examples of light art; it also gets you to go around and take more interest in famous historical buildings like the TV Tower, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Brandenburger Tor and Gendarmentmarkt. Anybody living in Mitte gets the best sites right out of their back door. The Festival of Lights is quite possibly Berlin’s best public art exhibition.

A great date idea or just a great chance to stroll around Mitte by yourself, from 7-12 pm the monuments and buildings are lit up in some seriously gorgeous patterns and colors. The Festival of Lights is held around the world, so living in Berlin isn’t a requirement for getting the experience of being in awe as your favorite landmarks get (artistically) lit. It is, however, a great way for those living in Berlin to better look at these amazing historical monuments that we often take for granted.

Mitte certainly has a dichotomy of emotions imbued into it, and it’s definitely a bit forgotten when it comes to the Berlin art scene. But while Neukölln and Kreuzberg are the Kaisers of underground, emerging art, Mitte gets the pleasure of hosting the more grandiose and opulent displays – a kind of nod to the overall lifestyle of the district. Mitte is indeed the rich-kid part of town, which comes with its own pros and cons, but the intricacy of history that’s soaked into every brick and stone is criminally overlooked.

The central neighborhood was once split into two by the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburger Gate was formerly the entrance gate to the city and a historical icon of power and dominance (Napoleon took the Quadriga to France with him in 1806. It was returned in 1814), and the TV Tower was constructed as a symbol of power of communist East Germany. While some people are hyper-aware of the endless factoids (both big and small) embedded in the area, the rest of us get to relive the stars-in-our-eyes feeling each fall.

Running until October 15th, the Festival of Lights is a great chance to get out and see some of the city’s beauty, both historical and artistic. Revel in Berlin’s romantic vibe as you meander the cobblestone streets, crossing stone bridges, and remind yourself of how amazing the city’s Mitte district actually is and how perfectly history and art can blend together. Life is beautiful in Berlin!


By Alice Bauer

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