The Future of Berlin’s Housing Policy – In Conversation with DIE LINKE. Berlin

25th Live Event | Meet the Expert

The Future of Berlin's Housing Policy -
In Conversation with DIE LINKE. Berlin

Expert: Dr. Michail Nelken, DIE LINKE. Berlin
When: September 1a, 2021 - 7 p.m.
Where: live via zoom

Die Linke is committed to a particularly tenant-friendly policy with measures such as the millieu protection (“Millieuschutz”), the rent brake (“Mietpreisbremse”) and the right of first refusal (“Vorkaufsrecht”). Current demands include a nationwide rent cap, more social housing construction and expropriation of real estate corporations. What are their concrete plans for the future of Berlin's housing market and what does that mean for investors?

Find out in our 25th real estate talk on 14.09.21 live via zoom!

Questions that might interest you:

  • How will the Berlin housing market change in the next 10 years?
  • What are the solutions of the party: Die Linke, for the housing shortage today?
  • How can more people get into affordable housing?
  • What went well in the current legislative period and what could have gone better?

Dr. Michail Nelken

Dr. Nelken, DIE LINKE. Berlin, candidate for the House of Representatives 2021 in the constituency 9, Pankow is our expert on the 14.09.2021. Dr. Nelken has been a member of the Berlin House of Representatives since 2017 and sits, among other things, in the Committee for Urban Development Housing.

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