Team von Banovo - Berlin
Banovo´s Team - Berlin

The traditional bathroom is out- it’s all about creating a feel-good oasis!

A young start-up company demonstrates how you can easily give your old bathroom that much needed face lift.

Berlin, 27.05.2019 – Three weeks ago, on behalf of Black Label Properties, I had the opportunity to visit the start-up company → Banovo  who are located close to Berlin’s main station. What I discovered when I arrived in their offices completely met my expectations. In an open and bright room many young people sat at their computers- they were casually dressed with a headset on their heads and a large pot of coffee in close proximity. The team greeted me in a kind and calm manner. I couldn’t tell from the first instance who the boss was. That is however intentional. Brian Robert does not see himself as the boss. Instead he wants to be seen as a partner for his employees, who include four bathroom planners, a project manager and a site manager.


Brian Robert has been the regional manager for Berlin and Brandenburg for one year. His role means he is responsible for overseeing all plans and sales of the branch. In a conversation with him, Brian explained how before he could take up this position it was vital that he achieved a really good understanding of the different trades of the company. As a trained painter and varnisher, he was first a site manager, then a bathroom planner, later a project manager and, after a year, a regional manager. His studies as a construction technician were also certainly of benefit.

He loves his job. Anyone who meets him would be able to see that immediately. Full of enthusiasm, he tells me about the history of Banovo and what he feels makes this company so special.

Bathroom renovation today

Banovo was founded four years ago. The idea behind the company: anyone who wishes to renovate their bathroom can do it completely from the comfort of their own home. The client only has to log in to Banovo’s website where they will receive a four-digit pin and the renovation can begin!

Within 24 hours, the client will receive a call back from a bathroom planner from their local Banovo branch. In this first conversation they can express all of their wishes concerning their bathroom- whether it should be modern, classic or perhaps country style, which sanitary equipment is important, which colours and tiles it should have, what it should cost at most, etc.

What’s great is that the bathroom planner will remain the same throughout the process. The planner will initially take the floor plan of the bathroom as well as current photos in order to create a 3D drawing. The client can follow the whole process from home online. Just like a live broadcast on a television, they can see their planner and a 3D model of their future bathroom. Here the client can talk live with the planner and express any requests for alterations. The client is therefore directly involved in the creation of their dream bathroom while also being able to keep an eye on costs at the same time.

This stage of the process costs nothing for the client. Only when planning and calculation are agreed upon will the site manager visit the client and discuss the implementation of the bathroom.

I’m pretty excited about this idea. If I want a new bathroom, I now know I won’t have to scroll through multiple catalogues or visit every hardware store and showroom in the country. With the huge variety of products on offer you can certainly save a huge amount of time with Banovo.

I also wouldn’t have to worry about the details of my desired bathroom or whether the connections are correct or the power lines laid correctly. Banovo would work with my old bathroom to build a new one.

3D drawing of a hose bath
3D drawing of a hose bath

Black Label Immobilien meets Banovo

The → team at Black Label Properties is excited to be working with Banovo, as many apartments in Berlin are in desperate need of bathroom renovations. Of course Black Label always seeks to help both buyers and sellers achieve things in the most pleasant and time-saving way possible. With regards to bathroom renovation, Black Label will send the floor plan and some photos of the current bathroom to the bathroom planners of Banovo and will show the client what the bathroom has the potential to look like during a visit to the apartment. The client can then choose whether to work with Banovo.

Black Label Properties has many different clients who are interested in → buying an apartment or purchasing a home. Some customers are seeking a spacious bathroom with many luxury features- but there are also clients who are looking for a smaller apartment, such as students, singles or young couples. As I see here at Banovo, there is something for almost every purse.

Large steam baths or saunas are as little a problem as the conversion of the typical Berlin hose baths which are 6m long and 2m wide. Brian Robert shows me what such a remodelled bathroom could look like. I’m surprised. The classic bathroom appears to be ‘out’. The old plank floor has been preserved but the tiles almost completely omitted. This example fits the new trend. Bathrooms should no longer be a cold, separate room, but should instead be integrated into the rest of the apartment. It should be a feel-good room.

I look forward to working with the lovely and dedicated young people of Banovo.

Ute Gretzschel, Web Coordination for Black Label Properties

Brian Robert
Telephone: +49 30 549 094 990

There for you personally:

Achim Amann

Achim Amann

Telephone: +49 30 – 921 43 046

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