Three great places to relax this summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin has, so far, been extraordinary. Before moving to the city I was told on numerous occasions by friends who had previously lived here that Berlin in the summertime was “the place to be”. I now know what they were talking about. Since moving to Berlin in March I have slowly been discovering the best places to enjoy these long and warm summer evenings. While some of these places are well-known by local Berliners and tourists alike, others are much less renowned but equally as magical. I thought I’d share my thoughts and experiences of a few of these fantastic places which have really stood out to me for anyone looking to make the most of their free time this summer in Berlin.

The first place which has to be on the top of my recommendation list is ‘Badeschiff Berlin’ in Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain. This is a place a little off the beaten track and therefore isn’t so much a tourist-hotspot but rather a local-hotspot; as a ‘non-Berliner’ I was only fortunate enough to be able to discover it when it appeared on the explore page of Instagram (@blacklabelproperties). To reach the Badeschiff you have to walk past what I can only describe as old and abandoned factories in a very quiet neighbourhood. You will know you’re near however when met by a very out-of-place, vintage-looking photobooth (a common find in Berlin and great fun) which stands directly outside of the large gates through which you have to go to enter. Tickets for entry are very reasonably priced at just 5.50 EUR a day for adults and 3.00 EUR for students. There are deckchairs which stand on both decking and sand facing the Spree and with a great bar with reasonably priced drinks there’s a real beach-bar feel about the place. The water in the Badeschiff is also heated and once you’re in you can see some of Berlin’s most famous sites, including the TV tower, Oberbaumbrücke and the Molecule Man. The Badeschiff is therefore a great place in the summertime to relax with friends, enjoy a few drinks and cool down in this scorching summer heat.

Badeschiff Berlin

The second place which has stood out to me this summer as being a great place to enjoy a few drinks in the late setting sun is ‘Monkey Bar’ in Charlottenburg. This hip rooftop bar has breathtaking views over the city and also the zoo which lies directly underneath. It’s a great place to take family and friends who have perhaps never been to the city before as the views most certainly show Berlin at its best. If you want to avoid the queue and not miss the sunset then definitely make sure to get up there before 21:00.

Monkey Bar

The third place which I can’t miss off this list is ‘Klunkerkranich’. This is another rooftop bar but with a completely different feel to Monkey Bar. Located in Neukölln, currently one of the more bohemian parts of Berlin, Klunkerkranich is actually on top of a functioning car park above a shopping centre. The large rooftop has a very relaxed feel with relatively cheap drinks, stunning views over the city and very cool interiors, all of which create the atmosphere for a great night out. I personally think this is the best view of Berlin one will ever see and being able to enjoy it in such a great atmosphere made for a truly magical evening.