What length of time can you fix mortgage interest rates for in Berlin?

What length of time can you fix mortgage interest rates for in Berlin?

If you want to make an investment in the future, it is worthwhile to build a home or commercial building in the capital and then use, rent or sell it yourself. Real estate in Berlin – a young, up-and-coming metropolis – has a high return potential.

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With our Mortgage Partners at Black Label you can secure loans at current interest rates with fair conditions. We compile various offers for your plans that are detailed and understandable. This allows you to easily compare the current mortgage rates of various banks. In addition to the conditions of the financial market, we also take into account your personal wishes and goals.

You cannot only mortgage your property at a very reasonable rate, you can also choose between different rates that are tailored to your individual plans.

We support customers with:

  • buying your own home, with little equity
  • the financing of your company’s headquarters
  • the renovation of a multi-family house with rental apartments
  • the renovation of your apartment
  • other projects with current financing interest

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You have already taken out a loan, but you want to secure the current interest rates in order to benefit in the coming years from the more favorable terms. You are planning a construction project that you would like to have as an investment in two, five or seven years. You dream of a home that will make your life comfortable and secure in old age. Do any of these statements apply to you or do you want to secure the current interest for other reasons? In any case, with the right experts you can get the lowest interest rate on mortgage lending.

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