Why now is exactly the right time to invest in a home for you.

Why now is exactly the right time to invest in a home for you.

The German real estate market has been through turbulent times. And even today, no one can say where the journey will take us. In some areas of Germany, prices are blithely continuing to rise, while in others they are falling. But that has always been the case. That´s nothing really new.

There are a lot of news that makes one uncertain about the future, such as the consequences of the Ukraine war, political developments, recession or inflation, shortages of raw materials, transport difficulties, challenges from climate change. But right now, those who buck the trend are being rewarded. People are rewarded who buy now instead of waiting.

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Good opportunities for property buyers

If you are planning to buy a property for yourself and/or your loved ones and have the necessary financial means, then you should go ahead with your plan. Now!

Currently, sellers of real estate are compromising on price or conditions. This is a good opportunity for buyers to negotiate a better price. Take advantage of this opportunity.

No one knows what the future will bring. What we do know: Inflation causes prices to rise. And it is precisely in these times that real estate is a very good investment. Especially when you compare the rising rents.

In our experience, the only decisive factor is whether the property on offer largely corresponds to your wishes and ideas of a dream property. Is the living space sufficient for the future? Do you like the location? Will your children feel at home? Do you have sufficient possibilities for shopping, cultural events or your leisure activities? Are there good bus or train connections? How far will it take you to get to work? What is the crime rate? What are the energy characteristics of the property?

If you can answer all the most important questions positively, then this property is probably best suited to make you and your family feel comfortable now and in the future.

It is important that you make a fundamental decision at this point. Do you want to stay in your rented flat or do you decide to buy a property. Do you want to continue to be dependent on the constantly rising rent or do you want to invest in property and thus be independent and additionally build up a fortune?

We have a large number of properties on offer - for many different budgets.

Which property can you afford?

When you have found a property that meets your expectations, you should find out as quickly as possible whether you can afford it. And you should do this before you submit a loan application.

Important factors here are the available deposits and equity and the future loan. Not all people have the full purchase price in their bank account just like that. Probably the least. 😉 95% of all property buyers have to have the purchase of a property co-financed by the bank.

The rule is: at least 15% of the purchase price, better 20%, should already be available in capital. The rest can be borrowed from the bank as a loan for 10 - 30 years. In other words, interest rates are secure with a long hedge, no matter what happens on the interest rate markets in the coming years.

As a small family, you should earn at least € 4,500 - better € 5,000 - net per month to be able to pay the instalments. This is based on the assumption that there will be 4% interest and about 2% of the loan will be repaid. Hence, if you are looking for property, adjust your search to the purchase price. If you want to live in a major city, then it will be a smaller flat. If, on the other hand, you are flexible about location, look for detached houses in the suburbs of a city or directly in the countryside.

Calculate your personal financing requirements.

Mit einem Klick auf das Bild kommen Sie zum IVD-Leistbarkeisrechner.

It is extremely important for you as a potential buyer to know the monthly instalments. Calculate the rates before you view the property or request documents. There is no point in looking at properties outside of your budget.

As a member of the IVD, we are pleased to be able to offer you this service. Of course, this calculator does not replace a personal discussion with a financing expert you trust. However, it does provide you with a realistic framework for your pricing.

With the Research Affordability Calculator of the IVD you can determine with just a few entries:

  • How high is the monthly cost for the property of my choice?
  • How much property can I afford?

to the IVD calculator

You have too little equity?

What happens if you find that you can afford less in housing than you had hoped because you have too little equity?

Hier sind Ihre 6 Optionen:

  • Are you a first-time buyer, you currently live in rented accommodation? Then you can look into just continuing to rent or moving to another city or region and buying there.
  • You have a good credit rating but lack equity? Then you should first ask your family if they can help you. Then ask friends, maybe even your employer?
  • Check the possibilities for subsidies. There are very good subsidy opportunities, especially for the purchase of unrenovated real estate.
  • If you are good with your hands or a craftsmen, you can do a lot of the work yourself, as long as a civil engineer or specialist approves your work.
  • If you have a financially strong seller, he or she can give you a loan, the so-called seller's loan.
  • You can aim for a kind of hire purchase; there are companies that specialise in such financing and forms of purchase.
  • Are you a seller yourself? Then you could sell your current property and use the proceeds to provide the equity for the purchase.

Our recommendation:

We advise every buyer not to overstretch themselves and to remain flexible. It is important to have "breathing space" financially. Compromises in the location and size of the property are sometimes unavoidable. Maybe you can't afford the dream flat in the city when you first buy, but "only" a small flat or the small, detached house on the outskirts.

But you can rejoice: you do not have to pay the ever-increasing rents and you have purchased a future-proof home for yourself and your family.

Housing in the metropolises will continue to become more expensive for people in the coming years. On the one hand, due to the return of interest rates, but on the other hand also due to people's lower purchasing power in times of high inflation. This means for most people interested in buying: If you can afford it now, you should not hope for "better" times but act.

To be able to act properly, it is important to be well informed. This starts with a personal appointment. We are there for you.

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