We are your property partner.

At Black Label Properties we live by our reputation for 1st class customer service, market knowledge and reputation. We have in-house experts who deal with every aspect of the property market. Our offices in Berlin, Brandenburg, Magdeburg and Leipzig handling with enquiries from local, national and overseas buyers and sellers.

More Insight.

We think in decades and not in days. If you want to buy a property, you have to plan for the long term while you consider many different factors. Not only the purchase price, but also the maintenance of the property, the renovation measures, the changing economic and financial conditions of the owners, the life phases of the tenants and owners...the list goes on. Only those who operate with informed foresight and long-term thinking will be successful with real estate.

More Charakter.

We put maximum attention of the quality of our estate agents. As a family business, our reputation and special character are keystones to our company. All of our real estate agents have 100% freedom of choice in their work and provide authentic advice. Not every client suits every broker and not every broker suits every client. Whoever chooses us gets real people with backbone to advise each client personally and comprehensively, and make decisions with character.

More Service,

We think of broker services differently.   We us a holistic approach: we can offer different services both in-house or with reliable partners. Benefit from our large network of professionals in the fields of property valuation, financing, letting, selling, buying, marketing and asset management. Our cooperation with architects, craftsmen, energy consultants, banks, tax advisors, notaries, lawyers, photographers, and interior designers guarantees that we can assist you efficiently and with expertise at every stage of your real estate project. Join us!

Please note that Black Label Properties can also be found as a provider on the ImmobilienScout24 website. At https://www.immobilienscout24.de/ you can view the properties offered by Black Label Properties and also find out about customer reviews.