You want to sell your luxury property?

Being the capital city of the largest economy in the European Union, Berlin is attractive not just to buyers from across Germany but across Europe and the rest of the world as well. There is a huge demand for available property of all kinds in the city, but if you are considering selling an unusual or luxury property in Berlin, it is especially important to have professional support and advice you will need to achieve the true value of your property.

What is a “Luxury Property”?

Luxury property can actually come in many shapes, sizes and variety and go beyond the classic city center penthouse or historic villa in the countryside. Today you can have luxury pied-a-terre apartments and even houseboats.

Luxury property can be about location, exclusivity or being build or designed by a particular architect, but to us the root of what makes a property luxury is the level of comfort and amenity it provides the owner, and how the property supports or fits the needs and demands that they have. When we provide an evaluation of your property it is not just about square meter size or the number of bathrooms (although this can be important) but about building up a picture of who is looking for the lifestyle your property will provide.

Who buys Luxury Property?

By their nature a luxury property will be much more expensive than others in the market and therefore there will be a smaller group of potential buyers that are looking for and able to purchase them.

As an independent estate agency with many years experience of dealing with and supporting international buyers, we are able to give your property access to the widest range of real potential buyers possible. Carrying out due diligence on potential buyers and any offers we receive for your property to ensure they are able to complete a purchase is an important part of the service we offer.

Just as important as this is our understanding of the complex Berlin housing market and what the clients we work with are looking for. Some want a “shell” property that they can fit out and make their own, while others may want a property that provides them with everything they want from day one and can simply move in. We even know of great new luxury developments that have failed to attract buyers because they have no decent coffee shops within walking distance, so details really matter!

How can Black Label help you sell your Luxury Property?

If you are thinking of selling your luxury or special property in the city or surrounding areas, we are here to support you. In the vast majority of cases, our services to sellers are free, as in Berlin currently it is normal for the buyer to pay all of the transaction fees and taxes associated with purchasing a property.

Inga Rück

Inga Rück

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