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Every property has its own story to tell- the decision to sell is therefore often an emotional one. It is important to us to assist you in this process as a trusting partner.

Berlin is becoming an ever-more attractive destination to everyone from students to professionals and even to young families. As a property owner there has never been a better time to sell. Thanks to Berlin’s abundance of culture and social activity, as well as low living costs and high standards of living, more and more people are moving their lives to Germany’s capital.

Berlin property is not just attractive to those who want to live here, however. The city is increasingly popular with investors who look for property to let and/or sell for profit as the market develops. Whether a one- or two-bed flat, a loft or a house, there can be considerable financial benefit involved.

Make the most of the high and wide-ranging demand in the Berlin market

Benefit from our expertise and international client base

Our expertise and extensive experience in the Berlin property market make Black Label perfectly suited to sell your property. Firstly we’ll give a free and unbinding valuation of the property. If you then decide to employ us as your agent, you will gain the full support of our international team of experts. In this way we can market your property not just in Berlin, or even Germany, but worldwide. We analyse our client base to find the perfect target group, identify interested buyers and produce thoroughly researched exposés to enable a quick and successful sale.

Should you decide to opt for a sale with no buyer’s commission, evidence shows you can achieve a higher price for your property. We offer an online listing package at a set fee, which helps to find the right buyer for your property as quickly as possible.

Property valuation

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Informative and appealing presentation


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Achieve the best possible price


We charge you a fixed fee to sell your property.

We assess your property

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