With a search mandate, we will work for you exclusively to find your dream property.

Find your dream property with a search mandate

You just can't find the right property? Apartments are too expensive, already sold or you simply no longer have the nerves to fight your way through the real estate jungle? Did you know that most buyers search for 12 months or more until they find what they are looking for? You can take a shortcut.

Save time and stress and let us work for you purely success based.

Regardless of whether it is an affordable apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg, a penthouse with a view of the City West on Ku'damm, a single-family house in southwest Berlin or a farm in Brandenburg - we can act exclusively for you with a search mandate.

Of course, you can still work with several brokers. You do not enter into any obligations with us if you do not purchase a property through us. Nevertheless, we recommend working with a few well-selected local real estate experts. You will see how much time and stress you save yourself.

For this, we need a classic broker search mandate and a profile of the kind of property you are looking for that is as broad as possible and as precise as necessary. You can fill out your search profile here.

What else you should know:

If we as estate agents could not find the right property for you, you pay us nothing. If we as an estate agent already have the property in our portfolio anyway, you pay half of the estate agent's commission as normal, the other half is paid by the seller. If we find the property with another broker colleague, you pay us the agreed commission and we settle the rest with the other broker. So you are covered. In contrast to a simple search profile and a newsletter, you get more choice and a personal contact person in our company.

Search mandate property purchase


1. Subject matter of the contract

  • The client instructs the estate agent to provide him with offers for the purchase of a property and/or to act as an intermediary vis-à-vis the seller.
  • The desired purchase opportunity should meet the following criteria:

2. Duration of the contract

  • The contract begins upon signature and ends after six months. If the contract is not terminated with one month's notice, it shall be extended by three months at a time. During the term of the contract, the contract may be terminated at any time for good cause without notice in text form. The contract ends in any case with the conclusion of a purchase contract for the property proven by the contractor.

3. Duties of the broker

  • The broker shall be obliged to make reasonable enquiries on behalf of the buyer about the possibility of purchasing a property that meets the aforementioned criteria.
  • The broker shall inform the client of any change in the market and in particular of the probability of concluding the notified purchase agreement under the stated purchase conditions.

4. Obligations of the principal

  • The principal acts in his own name or in the name of the following prospective buyers:
  • The principal shall inform the estate agent if his interest in purchase has lapsed, if he has purchased elsewhere or if the purchase has become impossible for him, e.g. due to the fact that it is no longer possible to finance the purchase.
  • The buyer shall treat the broker's information, in particular regarding purchase offers and contract opportunities, as confidential and shall not pass it on.

5. Commission

  • The broker shall receive a commission from the buyer for his services in the amount of 6% plus statutory VAT, thus 7.14%, calculated on the basis of the purchase price including services equivalent to the purchase price, due upon effective conclusion of the purchase contract. If the broker has already received an order from the seller for the property in question, the commission shall only arise in the amount owed by the seller (maximum 3% plus statutory VAT).
  • The commission obligation of the principal also arises in the event of the broker's information being passed on to a third person, if this person purchases.
  • If the client violates his obligations under this contract, the broker is entitled to demand compensation for the expenses incurred. Further compensation for damages remains unaffected.
  • Should individual clauses of this contract be or become invalid or should the contract contain a loophole, the remainder of the contract shall retain its validity. If the client is a merchant or does not maintain a residence in Germany, the place of jurisdiction shall be Berlin.
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