Property valuation for apartment blocks: How is the value determined?

Property valuation for apartment blocks: How is the value determined?

The valuation of an apartment building is usually carried out using the capitalised earnings value method, which determines the potential return over a defined period. In practice, the property valuation of an apartment building means that a detailed analysis of the rental income, operating costs and value development potential is carried out. On this basis, the capitalised earnings value is determined, which in turn forms the basis for purchase or sale decisions.

How exactly does a property valuation of an apartment block work?

If you want to find out the value of an apartment building, you generally use the capitalised earnings value method. This income capitalisation method calculates how much profit the house can generate over a certain period of time through letting. This involves looking at various things: How much rent comes in, what is left after deducting all costs, and how much is the property worth. In Germany, this is the favoured method of calculation. In countries such as the USA or the UK, on the other hand, the focus is only on the amount of money that the rent brings in and the value of the property is disregarded.

Conversion formulae for properties

The following applies to the calculation of land: we have land with a land value based on the standard land values. The land is then calculated with a so-called property interest rate, because the land itself can generate a certain income - unlike the building, which has to be renovated, rebuilt or demolished at some point.

Conversion formulas for buildings

The process works slightly differently for buildings on the property. The first thing to consider here is the gross income: What is the actual net rent I will receive? In other words, what rent do I receive minus all operating costs, apportionable or non-apportionable costs that I bear as the owner?

There are factors for calculating the yield here. Every investor expects a certain return, and I can work this out by multiplying the net annual cold rent by 25, for example, resulting in a return of 4 per cent, for example. The question then arises: can I sell my property for a yield of 4 per cent or does the market expect a higher yield? With a factor of 18, we would have a yield of 6 per cent. This always depends on the respective market and the expertise of the respective estate agent.

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