Service für Bauträger

Service for Builders, Project Developers & Investors

We guarantee the sale of your properties.

With the so-called “Underwritingdeal” we offer an excellent service for construction companies, property developers and investors which includes close cooperation with our international partners. As a result of these collaborations, something never seen before in the Berlin real estate industry, we guarantee our contract partners that we will sell the majority, and sometimes up to 100 percent, of the residential units for sale – this also means that the sales risk is reduced considerably for those selling.


Support at all stages, from the financing to the marketing of your project

We provide consulting services to small and medium-sized construction companies, project developers and property developers in order to check suitable locations for new construction projects in Berlin and then we assist them with the sales and marketing of the property. →Presseinformation vom 25.10.2017

We support

project development and project planning.

We create

national and international marketing strategies.

We develop

the sales strategy and optimize it as needed.

There for you personally:

CEO Andreas Müller


Residential real estate sold in recent years with the “underwriting concept”

Ruststrasse4 Leipzig

Ruststraße 4
ca. 1.900.000 €


Augsburger Straße
Berlin Charlottenburg
ca. 14.000.000 €

Brandenburgische Straße in Wilmersdorf

Brandenburgische Straße
Berlin Wilmersdorf
ca.  13.800.000 €

Bauträger Infos

Rathenower Straße
Berlin Moabit
ca. 11.500.000 €

2017: Flughafen Straße, Berlin Neukölln

Flughafen Straße
Berlin Neukölln
ca.  6.400.000 €

2017: An der Wuhlheide, Berlin Köpenick

An der Wuhlheide
Berlin Köpenick
ca.  8.800.000 €

2017: Schreiner Straße, Berlin Friedrichshain

Schreiner Straße
Berlin Friedrichshain
ca.  2.600.000 €