Thinking of selling your property in Berlin and using an estate agency?

What makes Black Label different?

Black Label is an independent, medium-sized agency with over 30 years of experience in the Berlin property market.

We are set-up to work with international buyers and sellers, which means all of → our team members either have a good level of English or are native speakers, as well as many team members also speaking a third language. Consequently, we can reach buyers not only from the local area but also from across the spectrum, with 50% of those who → purchase property with us coming from outside of Germany.

We promise to help and support our clients throughout the entire process – from the initial enquiry to the handover of the property.


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Determining the market value of your property

One of the first things a seller wants to know when they choose to sell their property is its value. Black Label can do this for free by carrying out a market appraisal, which determines → what your property is worth based on a number of factors including its size, location, tenancy status and much more. Once we know its market value and with your agreement, we can then market your property on both our German and international websites at no cost.

Estate Agency fees

It comes as a surprise to many of our international clients that in Germany, it is the buyer who pays all of the transaction fees, including the agency fees, government tax and lawyers’ fees. → As a seller therefore, you do not have to pay for any of Black Label’s services. There is the option however, if you wish to make your property more attractive to potential buyers, to cover the agency fees yourself. This will usually cost you around 7.14% of the purchase price of your property. This would allow us to market your property as ‘Provisionfrei’ which signals to the buyer that the agency fees do not have to be paid by them.

Selling without a estate agent – the benefits and drawbacks

Choosing to sell your property → without an estate agent is most certainly a possibility in Berlin. While there are advantages, including the fact that it is cheap to advertise on the internet and attract local buyers, there are a far greater number of advantages to selling with an agent.

For example:

  • An agent can be incredibly useful when it comes to the negotiation stage and achieving the best possible price for your property.
  • An agent can also help you to find the right lawyers who can protect your interests as a seller.
  • The agent also has the knowledge to give you a realistic market overview, and can inform you about international buyers from across the world, a group you would not have access to as a local seller.
  • Finally, selling with an agent is free meaning there really is no reason to not choose to sell with an agent.

Please get in contact with us today to arrange an initial consultation to begin the process of selling your property in Berlin.

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