Berlin Adlershof

Welcome to the Science City – Berlin Adlershof

Berlin-Adlershof Science City is the high-tech and media suburb, best known for its Science and Technology Park, which has 1,000 businesses, 16 scientific institutions and over 25,000 people working there. It’s also home to Studio Berlin, Europe’s largest TV production studio.

Based in Treptow-Kopenick – the ‘green lungs’ of Berlin in the south west – Adlershof is the greenest, most water rich suburb in the city. An intriguing mix of old and new architecture, it has a fascinating history and is a hot spot for property investment because of its technology and start up status and growing work community.

A Brief History

Adlershof is an intriguing mix of old town charm and futuristic architecture which shows how the area has developed since the 2nd World War and its vision and strategy. The technology park is like something from a Stanley Kubrick film. You can see the remains of the first supersonic wind tunnel in the university grounds, built there in 1936 and check out various scientific projects. It has seen the rise and fall of the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, Nazi regime, Soviet occupation, GDR, and was the former base for Germany’s state TV broadcaster and state security. It also launched Germany’s first motorised flight in the 1930s.

A work hub by nature, it’s not lost that energy though it’s now being used for technological progress – recenprojects include the invention of trifocals, the contraceptive pill, 3D TV, solar cells, space cameras, mega microscopes, purest forms of silicone, uncongested highways and active participation in solar programmes for the red planet and other solar systems!

From an investment perspective an influx of students and highly qualified staff means there’s no shortage of people seeking quality accommodation. As part of the overall strategy to keep Berlin diverse and affordable, new housing developments in Adlershof include luxury condos, multi-generational housing, single family units in Wohren am Landschafspark, plus co-operative housing. It’s a diverse, progressive neighbourhood with plenty of character and international cuisine – check out Mani Mogo Korean restaurant for starters.

Getting there

Nearest airports: close to three international airports – Tempelhof, Tegel and Schonefeld with direct flights to London.
City centre: 30 mins by S-Bahn station into Alexanderplatz.

Berlin Adlershof