How is the rental market in Berlin?

How is the rental market in Berlin? What you need to know as a landlord, investor or tenant.

When: 6 February 2024, from 7:00 p.m. CET
Where: live via zoom
Host: Achim Amann | CEO Black Label Immoblien
Expert: Ioannis Tzakris | CEO Black Label Property Management GmbH

The interview will be held in English.

The 51st Berlin Property Talk focused on important topics that are relevant to all stakeholders in the Berlin property market. This dialogue, which is held in English, provides an ideal platform for discussing current developments and challenges.

The focal points included:

  • Forecasts for rental and price trends to 2024
  • What is the best way for tenants to find a flat today?
  • How should tenants prepare when they hand in their rental application?
  • Can you continue to let as a landlord on a temporary and furnished basis?
  • Is it worth renting with a graduated or index-linked tenancy agreement?
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