In the fast lane: Nico Bähr’s year-end rally

In the fast lane: Nico Bähr's year-end rally

A successful year of challenges and opportunities

The year 2023 was marked by significant changes in the German property market. Nico Bähr, estate agent at Black Label Immobilien, has made a name for himself in this ever-changing market with a series of successful property transactions in the last few weeks of the year.

His work has been characterised by his ability to find properties that meet the specific needs of buyers. For example, a young family found an ideal home at Baerwaldstrasse 48, and an English couple chose an apartment at Seaside Rummelsburg Bay to provide more space for their growing family. At the same time, sellers found in Nico Bähr a competent partner to help them market their properties to suitable buyers.

From the neighbourhood flat to the multi-generation house: a portfolio full of success stories

The eight properties successfully brokered by Nico Bähr in recent weeks illustrate the versatility and adaptability of the property market towards the end of 2023. Each transaction reflects how the individual needs and circumstances of the parties involved were taken into account in the buying and selling process.

1. Property in Berlin-Weißensee - a future project

The 718 m² property in Berlin-Weißensee symbolises the future vision of a family from Munich. With the aim of moving to Berlin after retirement, where their children already live, the family plans to build a multi-generational house.

This project not only stands for bringing generations together, but also for creating a lasting legacy. The property will thus become a place where family history is written and shared memories are created for the future.

2. Condominium in the Akazienkiez - A new home with a garden

Finding a flat on Meininger Strasse is more than just a property deal - it's the dream of a French family already living in this part of Berlin. Looking for a home that offered more than just four walls, they found just the right place for their two children in this 97m² flat with a garden. The flat became a symbol of new beginnings and dreams come true.

On the other side was an American family who decided to return to America. Selling their beloved home to a family who would appreciate it just as much offered them a conciliatory end to their chapter of life in Germany.

3. Old apartment in Berlin-Steglitz - an investment in the future

This renovated apartment in an old building with a balcony on Borellstrasse in Berlin-Steglitz is a good investment for heirs with a Franco-German background. This purchase, a 64m² 2-bedroom apartment, offers them the opportunity to invest their recently acquired inheritance wisely. The investment combines financial foresight with emotional values, as the apartment, which is currently empty, will be rented out in the future.

This step reflects the buyers' desire not only to preserve their inheritance, but also to use it sustainably and profitably for the future.

4. New-build flat in Berlin-Lichtenberg - A home for a growing family

Seaside Rummelsburger Bucht" is one of Berlin's many waterfront residential areas and stands out for its central location. With two buildings directly on the waterfront, this address comprises 60 comfortable freehold flats with 2 to 4 rooms and living areas of approximately 48 to 115 m², free of commission for the buyer.

One of these apartments was bought by an English couple who already live in the area. For them, the new development at Seaside Rummelsburg Bay is the ideal solution to create more space for their planned family. Having outgrown their previous home, they are looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives in this attractive and centrally located residential area.

5. Old flat in Berlin-Kreuzberg - A home for a growing family

Finding an apartment in an old building in Kreuzberg with a balcony and unobstructed panoramic views became a symbol of a new beginning for a young family with roots in the same neighbourhood. The 72m², three-room apartment not only provided the perfect space for their son, but also an environment for growth and the realisation of dreams. On the other side was the seller's family, who had moved their Turkish roots back to Valencia.

6. Rental apartment in Berlin - farsighted capital investment

Another success of his work was the brokerage of an investment apartment on Danziger Strasse. The rented flat could serve as a future home for the child of the purchasing family, a significant advantage in Berlin's difficult rental landscape.

7. Berlin-Weißensee detached house

A family with three children has sold their previous home in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, which was too small, and opted for a house that was renovated in 2014. The property, a typical late-classical house from the 1890s, is located in the sought-after Weißenseer district and offers 207 m² of living space in six rooms on a 416 m² plot. With the purchase of this gem, the family has found the perfect place to start their new chapter in Berlin.

8. Hotel complex with a promising future in Schöneiche near Berlin

Another outstanding project in Bähr's portfolio was the sale of a hotel complex in Scheineiche near Berlin for €3.1 million. This modern and comfortable building offers a wide range of uses, including boarding house or assisted living with day care. The complex has been designed to meet the needs of long-term guests or residents. With 40 spacious rooms and 23 fully equipped, accessible apartments, this complex sets new standards in versatility and comfort.

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