Nick Nordmeier: Our youngest broker brings a breath of fresh air!

Nick Nordmeier: Our youngest broker brings a breath of fresh air!

At Black Label Properties, we focus on innovation and fresh perspectives to redefine the property industry for the benefit of our clients. Nick Nordmeier, our newest agent, exemplifies this dynamic. With an impressive combination of energy and vision, as well as his knowledge of social media and artificial intelligence, he enriches our team and our clients alike.

From all-rounder to estate agent: Nick's extraordinary career

Nick is a real all-rounder. He comes from a small suburb of Kassel and has travelled a remarkable path before gaining a foothold in the property industry. Sport was his passion. 18 years of football and 10 years of kickboxing, culminating in the World Junior Kickboxing Championships. And finally American football. His academic path led him to the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, where he studied Sports Science B.Sc., a degree that combined his passion for sport and his professional interests.

The move to Berlin in 2020 was more than just a change of location; it was the start of a new chapter in Nick's life. He qualified as a real estate agent and consultant at the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS), which paved the way for him to enter the property industry and his current role at Black Label Properties.

Nick has been part of our team since April 2020. Here, he not only impresses with his experience and skills, but also with his fresh perspective on things. His technical expertise, fluency in English and openness to new technologies, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, make him a true innovator. Particularly noteworthy is the diversity of his clientele, which ranges from young couples looking for their first home together to senior citizens looking to downsize their living environment, as well as international clients with no knowledge of German.

At Black Label Properties, Nick impressively demonstrates that success in the property world is not only defined by knowledge and experience, but also by passion, commitment and a willingness to take on new challenges. His track record speaks for itself: with around 70 successfully completed sales to date, he has built up impressive expertise. These range from a small flat in Leipzig worth €83,000 to a recent contract to purchase a property worth €1.3 million - this will be his biggest deal to date. This diversity and his constant pursuit of excellence make him a valued and trusted agent at Black Label Properties.

Social commitment is important to everyone at Black Label Properties. That's why Nick's commitment to Nolothando EV, an organisation that supports children in South Africa, fits in perfectly with our corporate philosophy.

Immobilienmakler Nick Nordmeier

The power of social media: Nick's strategy for authenticity and engagement

Today, with social media playing an increasingly important role in both our professional and personal lives, we at Black Label Properties have developed an innovative strategy with Nick to strengthen authenticity and engagement. Nick skilfully uses these platforms to build a bridge between us agents and our clients, based on the cornerstones of transparency, honesty and open communication. Supported by his partner Larissa and their joint social media agency, Social Fab Media, Nick uses social media to make the process of buying or selling a property even more accessible and understandable.

With videos, Instagram reels and explanatory videos, he creates an authentic online presence that offers far more than just entertainment. This content serves to enlighten and educate our customers. By sharing personal stories and behind-the-scenes insights, Nick creates an atmosphere in which interested parties feel comfortable and encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the buying or selling process.

In addition, Nick, together with Nico Bähr from our team, is expanding the spectrum of interactions with the podcast "Zwei Stühle. Keine Meinung". This podcast is not only another channel to bring agents and clients together, but also an opportunity to offer a relaxed yet in-depth insight into the property world. Listeners benefit from the opportunity to view topics from different perspectives, with authenticity and transparency always at the forefront.

These social media approaches underline our ambition at Black Label Properties to use modern communication channels to build real connections with our customers and deepen understanding of the property market.

An optimistic view of the future

Despite the many challenges that 2023 has brought - from inflation to energy crises to rising construction costs - our team at Black Label Properties, including Nick, remains optimistic. Together, we have managed to focus on qualified advice and fair prices, which has successfully guided us through these difficult times. Together, we are positive about 2024, convinced that the property sector is facing a promising future thanks to the pandemic and stabilised interest rates.

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Working together for property success

Insight into Nick Nordmeier's current projects with Black Label Properties.

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Eigentumswohnungen in Berlin-Köpenick

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Eigentumswohnungen in einem exklusiven Neubauprojekt in Berlin Friedrichshain
Eigentumswohnungen in Berlin-Friedrichshain


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Eigentumswohnung in der Rummelsburger Bucht

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Are you considering selling your property?

One call to Nick Nordmeier is all it takes. Thanks to his extensive experience and the strong backing of Black Label Properties, the sale of your property will be a smooth and successful process. With Nick at your side, nothing stands in the way of a successful purchase or sale.

Nick Nordmeier

Telephone: +49 30 - 679 48 646

You can count on him!

This is how customers rate Nick Nordmeier.

And it is not only his actions that characterise Nick Nordmeier, but also the feedback and recommendations from his many satisfied customers. Many of them have shared their positive experiences with him:

"It was a pleasure to work with the team at Nick and Black Label Properties on the sale of a flat in Berlin. From the initial DD process to the prompt advice and final completion, we were extremely professional and helpful. Thank you once again." Porodica Petronijevic

"Nick Nordmeier provided us with competent, committed and friendly support from the initial assessment to the notarised contract. We sold a condominium in Berlin very quickly and effortlessly." Christian Pogatzki

"We received excellent support from Mr Nordmeier! Transparent, very empathetic, flexible and competent!" Alexander Flesch