Meet Black Label’s new cooperation partner – Otto von Berlin

Founder of Otto von Berlin - Gregor Drobnic
Founder of Otto von Berlin - Gregor Drobnic

Meet Black Label’s new cooperation partner - Otto von Berlin

The team at Black Label Properties has proudly worked alongside → a number of different cooperation partners from a wide range of industries for many years. Anyone who is interested in buying, selling, financing, refinancing, real estate management, etc. are likely to require specialists with years of experience. We want to make sure every client of ours is recommended people and companies who we know are not only trustworthy and reliable but offer the best services in their sector. We are therefore very excited to introduce our latest partnership with Berlin-based interior designer, Otto von Berlin.

Otto von Berlin is an interior design company which offers unique concepts and services to its clients to help them create their perfect space- be it their home, office or restaurant, for example. Founder and CEO of the company, Gregor Drobnic, studied classical architecture but soon found his real passion to be interior design. Having now worked in the design industry alongside his adorable French Bulldog Otto for over twenty years, Gregor and his brilliant talent has helped many people create spaces of their dreams.

→ Otto von Berlin began as a two-man start-up company in September 2013. Over the past six years, the business has gone from strength to strength. Beginning with small cafes and restaurants, the company has gradually taken on bigger projects such as start-up offices, apartments and even the interiors for three Karl Lagerfeld stores in Milan.

Wondering how an interior design company and real estate company can form a great partnership together?

At Black Label, you may or may not already know that we do not only help our clients to buy and sell property. We also let out and manage property on behalf of our clients. If you have recently bought or are planning to buy an apartment with us and are seeking a reliable property manager to take care of your apartment, Black Label’s management service can help you to rent out and manage both furnished and unfurnished flats for varying time periods, saving you a lot of time and stress. As well as considering the management of a property, many people who rent out their apartments with us will think about interior refurbishment, as this can lead to a significant increase in rental return as well as later contribute to achieving the best possible price if and when they decide to sell. This is where Otto von Berlin will help, offering our clients its services to re-design their rental apartment.