Purchase Price Developments – An analysis of 2021 and forecasts of 2022 of the East-German Real Estate Market

26th Live Event | Meet the Expert

Buying a house or flat in 2022 - Is the Boom Coming to an End?

Topic: Purchase Price Developments – An analysis of 2021 and forecasts of 2022 of the East-German Real Estate Market
Experts: Managing directors Andreas Müller and Achim Amann
When: October 26, 2021
Where: live via zoom

In our 26th Berlin Real Estate Talk, the two managing directors of Black Label Properties gave an update on the subject of "Purchase Price Developments in East-Germany". They provide information on current house and apartment prices, highlight developments and trends on the real estate market in 2021, gave an overview of regional changes and an outlook of 2022.

Experts at the 26th Berlin Real Estate Talk:

CEO Andreas Müller
Andreas Müller, CEO Black Label Immobilien

Andreas Müller

Andreas Müllers career has grown from managing East German rock bands to working in the shipping industry to handling the sale of huge commercial properties in Berlin. Now with over 25 years’ experience in the property industry, Andreas is our fount of all knowledge and expertise. Andreas may handle some of our biggest projects, but you’ll also find him helping individuals find their dream apartment in Berlin.

Achim Amann

Achim Amann previously worked in the super luxury property market in beautiful St Tropez and despite his success, he realised he needed a change of scene. He decided to study an MBA in the UK, where he gained a deep understanding of British culture – and grew to love it. Achim went on to set up the first international online estate agency in London, which, after realizing the potential of the growing international clientele in Berlin, he moved to the capital of Germany.

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