Gyula Turmayer: Berlin’s Real Estate Expert with Heart and Mind.

Gyula Turmayer: Berlin's Real Estate Expert with Heart and Mind.

Berlin is not only Germany's political center, but also a vibrant metropolis that combines culture, history, and a modern lifestyle in a unique way. This is evident in every aspect of the city's streets and neighborhoods. And it is this complex structure that makes Berlin's real estate market one of the most demanding and dynamic in all of Germany. In this complicated, often tense environment, Gyula Turmayer has made a very good name for himself as a real estate expert.

He is our local hero in Berlin's most popular districts like Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin-Mitte, Pankow, and Kreuzberg. In these neighborhoods, Gyula Turmayer is not only active as a real estate agent, but he has also lived there himself for over ten years. This personal connection allows him a deep understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities that the Berlin real estate market offers.

As a real estate expert, Gyula brings his extensive experience and wide-reaching network of professionals and clients to provide comprehensive service. But he is not just a broker in the traditional sense; he is also an advisor, a supporter, and often a friend. Given the high demand and limited availability of real estate in Berlin, it's not just about buying or selling property, but also about the emotional dimension of this process. Gyula Turmayer understands this very well.

With him, you are not just another customer, but a valued partner for whom he always finds the optimal path in Berlin's bustling real estate market.

Gyula Turmayer and CEO Achim Amann

Success! All condominiums from Cloud 7 are sold.

A standout example of Gyula Turmayer's extensive expertise and his fine sense for customer needs is the recently completed Cloud 7 project in the heart of Kreuzberg. This sophisticated residential complex not only combines modern, architecturally appealing design with high comfort, but also reflects the lively and diverse atmosphere of the neighborhood. Each of the individually designed apartments offers a mix of functionality and aesthetics, from high-quality fitted kitchens to spacious balconies and terraces. Added to this are sustainable construction elements that minimize the ecological footprint.

Within an impressive timeframe of just 17 months, Gyula Turmayer has sold all the apartments in the Cloud 7 project on Urbanstraße, most of them even in the planning phase, before the building was completed. This week, the last unit was sold, marking the conclusion of an extremely successful sales phase. Soon, the new owners and tenants can move in.

Cloud 7: A Showcase Project in Berlin-Kreuzberg

All apartments are sold!

Projekt Cloud 7
Projekt Cloud 7

7 Condominiums

Cloud 7 is a self-contained residential complex. The stylish new building ensemble features 7 modern and energy-efficient apartments with living spaces ranging from 70-131 m² and 2-5 rooms! Ideal for families who love the lively, colorful, and multicultural flair of Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Incomparable Location

Although Cloud 7 offers a green oasis of tranquility, with landscaped courtyards and even a small park, it is just a short walk away from Kreuzberg's bustling streets, pubs, restaurants, and shops. This perfect balance between city and nature has attracted many interested parties.


For Personal Use or Investment

Whether the new owners found an apartment for themselves or planned a profitable investment—Cloud 7 offers both. The thriving environment and high demand for top-notch living space in Berlin guarantee a value-increasing capital investment.

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Whether you're an ambitious developer with visionary plans or a private customer in search of the perfect home—Gyula Turmayer, along with the team at Black Label Properties, stands as a renowned real estate expert by your side.