High-quality renovated old apartments – a synonym for luxury and elegance

Magnificent old building flat in Berlin
Magnificent old building flat in Berlin

High-quality renovated old apartments - a synonym for luxury and elegance

An apartment in an old building in Berlin is one of the most sought-after properties on the German real estate market - for your own use or as a lucrative investment. But why?

Above all, it's the architectural charm. The old buildings from the Wilhelminian period often captivate with their special exterior facade. They are an absolute eye-catcher among the new buildings and penthouses of Berlin. Staircases and wide corridors lead to the spacious apartments. Stuccoed ceilings, double-leaf passage doors, parquet floors, historic double casement windows, high ceilings, handcrafted apartment doors and much more make an Altbau apartment very popular with many people.

Many older buildings also have excellent locations. They are located in established and desirable neighborhoods that are often surrounded by beautiful green spaces, historic buildings, upscale restaurants and a variety of shopping options. These location factors contribute to the exclusivity and charm of the apartments.

Luxurious flats in older buildings have been in vogue for years.

Those who can, acquire an apartment in an old building in Berlin, then live in it themselves or use it as a lucrative investment property. However, finding a vacant and well renovated apartment in a good location in Berlin is a rarity.

On the one hand, because more and more new buildings are being built in Berlin, but the supply of apartments in old buildings is becoming smaller and smaller. On the other hand, because the trend is clearly moving property owners away from the surrounding countryside and back into the city. This is a good starting point for buyers to achieve long-term value growth by purchasing an apartment in an old building.

Black Label Properties has some outstanding older homes in its portfolio.

Magnificent old building flat in Berlin
Magnificent old building flat in Berlin

Magnificent old building flat with seven rooms in Berlin-Schöneberg

The representative old building apartment is located in a classic Berlin old building, which was built around 1900.

A total of seven rooms are distributed over a living area of approx. 237 m² over the front house and the side wing of the building.

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Beletage in an upper-class residential building
Beletage in an upper-class residential building

Beletage in an upper-class residential building in Berlin-Charlottenburg

One 3-room apartment and three 4-room apartments with living areas ranging from approx. 133 m² to approx. 209 m² await you in a top location. First occupancy of the exceptional apartments after renovation.

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What does an apartment in an old building in Berlin cost?

However, the unique charm and individual flair of an old building apartment have their price. And not only in the purchase. Often a generous renovation or even redevelopment is necessary. In terms of energy efficiency, retrofitting is sometimes necessary. High heating costs due to the enormous ceiling heights, poorly insulated windows, outdated building services or an increased need for renovation are just some of the things that need to be factored in from the outset.

In any case, use the advice of an energy expert. The supposedly poorly insulated windows could also be an advantage. The beautiful double-hung windows also have a positive effect: the air space between the windows buffers the warm air in the room and the cold air outside against each other and acts as thermal insulation.

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Much higher sales prices are paid for apartments in older buildings in A locations than in B or C locations. For example, proximity to the center or good public transport links are usually reasons for higher prices.

Renovated apartments in older buildings that are free of occupancy are offered for sale at a relatively high price and are also purchased. Apartments that are equipped with modern sanitary facilities and whose plumbing meets current standards have a big plus point.

Apartments located on the first floor often fetch lower prices than apartments on higher floors, unless they have garden access or a terrace.

If you want to buy an apartment in an old building, take a look at our extensive real estate offer or initiate a search request. You can also take advantage of our offer to provide you with a financing partner who has been successfully helping potential buyers find their dream property for many years.

If you decide to buy an apartment in an old building with us, it may well be worthwhile in terms of the price you can achieve. Apartments in older buildings are often properties in the high-priced segment. We have a select client base for this and we have a lot of market knowledge and negotiating skills due to our years of activity.

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