Property matters in the best hands

Property matters in the best hands

Andreas Müller and Achim Amann: Successful partners at Black Label Properties

Andreas Müller and Achim Amann are the brains behind Black Label Properties. As managing directors, they bring a unique combination of different backgrounds and experience to the company. Their diverse perspectives and in-depth industry knowledge have made Black Label Properties synonymous with success and innovation in the property world.

Be inspired by their success story and find out more about the duo behind Black Label Properties - it's worth reading on!

Andreas Müller: A broker who sets his sails correctly

Andreas Müller, a true northern light from Saßnitz, has built up an impressive property career in Berlin since 1986. With the expertise of a certified market value broker and his role on the IVD Berlin & Brandenburg expert committee, he is a heavyweight in the industry.

His life motto, inspired by Goethe: "You can build something beautiful even from stones that are placed in your path." fits perfectly with his unusual career. It all began on the high seas in the merchant navy in Rostock, before he immersed himself in the colourful world of music. In 1991, he switched to the world of property - a leap in the dark that paid off.

In Berlin, the centre of celebrity life, Andreas has of course had the odd famous face among his clients. But he remains modest and focusses on the essentials: Property, whether large or small. From a gigantic 17,000 square metre office building to a cosy 28 square metre condominium - Andreas has everything in his portfolio.

Andreas Müller is proof that a diverse life can lead to extraordinary success. He combines his experience from different worlds and manages to play at the very top of the property industry.

Achim Amann: From Cologne boy to property ace

Achim Amann, a real Cologne lad with an impressive instinct for properties. Even as a child, inspired by his parents - mum, the creative architect and artist, and dad, the economist - Achim took a liking to real estate. Having grown up in Cologne and the south of France, he has a cool, international flair about him.

His path to becoming a real estate professional was anything but straightforward. He actually wanted to make it big in sport, studied sports science in Leipzig and dreamed of managing sports teams. But a job abroad in the sports sector put him on the real estate track. During his MBA in Henley-on-Thames, England, he was gripped by a passion for property and decided to take off as an entrepreneur - with a lot of love for freedom and enthusiasm in his luggage, but without a big wallet.

Achim has made a name for himself in Berlin, his home since 2009. He is the type of person who cleverly combines professional success and social commitment. Whether it's volunteer politics in Dallgow and Falkensee or as a family man and proud father of a son - he gives it his all. He is a huge fan of FC Köln and loves his English pointer.

As head of Black Label Properties, he brings a breath of fresh air to the industry. Achim combines the latest technologies with tried and tested business methods. His ability to lead a team of estate agents like a sports team, where trust and appreciation are the basis for top performance, demonstrates his flair for motivation and teamwork. Fluent in German, English and French, he is at the forefront of the international property market.

Achim Amann's CV is colourful and committed. He stands for the modern estate agent who perfectly combines business, social commitment and a fulfilling family life.

Andreas Müller and Achim Amann: two estate agents, one dream

2016 was the year in which Andreas Müller and Achim Amann joined forces and launched Black Label Properties. This partnership is like building a bridge between two worlds: Achim Amann from the west, Andreas Müller from the east of Germany, also united two generations under one roof. With Achim's innovative drive and Andreas' wealth of experience, their strengths complemented each other perfectly and created fertile ground for success. Their different backgrounds made them an unbeatable duo.

At Black Label Properties, human development always takes centre stage alongside business development. The company is known for its collaboration with an impressive team of outstanding estate agents who are not only strong partners, but also consistently put the interests of their clients at the centre. This attitude is particularly important in an industry where you are only rewarded if you achieve your goal.

2019 marked a turning point in the joint history of Achim Amann and Andreas Müller. The steady growth of Black Label Properties made a move to larger premises unavoidable. In their new domicile in Berlin Westend, their business really blossomed. With all the trimmings - from offices to training rooms and energy consulting to their own small film studio - they offer their customers an all-round carefree package.

Another important milestone in its business development is the founding of Black Label Property Management GmbH. This spin-off arose from the need to offer tenants and landlords of owner-occupied flats more attention and specialised services. The physical and organisational proximity to the real estate company enables close cooperation and increases efficiency in customer care.

But not everything always went smoothly. Achim and Andreas have learnt to see failures as opportunities - in the spirit of Air Jordan: "99 failures and one success that makes up for everything". 2023 was a particularly tough year, characterised by defaults by property developers and insolvencies. However, they showed their strength in these challenges by sticking together. Despite having a small team, they achieved great things in the area of marketing. They utilised artificial intelligence and brought in fresh ideas, which underlines their adaptability and innovative spirit.

A look into the future

At Black Label Properties, you will not only find success, but also a team that emphasises human development and strong cohesion.

Looking to the future, Black Label Properties plans to continue its dynamic development and constantly adapt to changing market conditions. Whether selling or buying property, the team is always ready to fulfil the individual wishes of its customers with full commitment.

So if you want to sell a property or have the dream of becoming an owner yourself, then Black Label Properties is the right place for you. Every assignment, regardless of size, is handled with commitment, vision and a comprehensive range of services. We support you in making your dream of the perfect property a reality. Rely on our expertise and experience to achieve your goals.


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