How much
is my property worth?

If you’re considering selling your property, our valuation software will give you a good guide price to its current value. Please note that a comprehensive and correct analysis can only be done after a personal and thorough viewing of your house or apartment – including all relevant documents.

Find out how much your Berlin property is worth in just a matter of minutes.

Value your berlin property

Step 1 – Enter the information needed into the valuation software.

  • The full address
  • Living space in metre squared
  • Number of rooms
  • Property features such as parking, garden etc
  • Date property was built
  • Condition

Step 2 – You will receive an instant guideline price of your property.

The property valuation is a guideline only. Your property valuation can alter after a site visit. Looking to sell your Berlin property? Then get in touch to book our international-independent property valuation expert today.

We will be able to give you advice on the process of selling or buying property without any obligation.

Step 3 – Want to sell or book a more accurate valuation, simply get in touch through the form below or call.

Remember you are under no obligation to sell or use our services, the software is free to use.

Our real estate agents are regional experts and have very good market knowledge. If you decide to meet one of our brokers in person, after a personal and detailed inspection you will receive a comprehensive and correct evaluation report with all the data and facts about the possible sales price.

We understand that not everyone knows all the information the software will need.
So please use the form below and one of our experts will call.

In the first instance an English/German speaker will call to go through the details of your property so you have a more accurate valuation. If you do not speak either of these languages please complete the form and write in the box the language/languages you speak so we can do our best to accommodate you.
This is the best option to use and you are under no obligation to use us, we are honest professionals not pushy sales agents.