How to sell faster and for a better price by implementing Home Staging!

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How to sell faster and for a better price by implementing Home Staging!

In our live chat we will respond to your questions around home staging, what does it mean to “stage” your property, which different concepts exists and what do they cost? Our expert on home staging explains how to visualise the value of an apartment and to help potential buyers paying for it.

Interview with the expert: Mr. Maximilian Leopold

Mr. Leopold is the Director of BIIG Touch
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As a rule, staged apartments sell faster, is that true?

Achim Amann: We at Black Label, as customers of Biig Touch, have made the experience that we do not sell apartments that are staged more expensively, but we do sell them much faster.

Maximilian Leopold: I can confirm that. We have an average sales time of one month from the start of marketing to the time that a buyer with the appropriate financing is found. This is simply due to the fact that we generate more interested parties through the more attractive photos.

What is the advantage of a staged apartment over virtual renderings?

Achim Amann: Since we also work to a large extent with foreign customers, we have learned that they also expect to view a staged apartment, regardless of whether it is an old building or a new construction.

Maximilian Leopold: In addition, staging and, for example, certain room scents can awaken emotions in the customer during personal visits, and the customer can imagine himself better in the apartment than if he only sees pictures.

Is staging worth it at all?

You have to look at it this way, if a property is advertised for a long time and is not sold, this is not only burned capital, but in most cases, you are also forced to reduce the purchase price. This reduction in the purchase price is in most cases much higher than the cost of staging. Regarding the costs, it is always roughly said that these are 1-3% of the sales price, but this is also strongly dependent on the property. Depending on the clientele that is addressed and which elements are used accordingly, the price will be adjusted.

How long does it take you to stage an apartment?

From the first visit to the preparation of the offer to completion, we usually need a week, because of course a quick process is important to us, because as we know – time is money.



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